How Your Zodiac Affects Your Sex Life: Things Are Very Intense for No. 8

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Do you know all the information that you possibly can get to know regarding your zodiac sign and your sex life? What if you can gain details that will allow you to get under the sheets confidently? With proper information, you can experience sex every time.


If you are an Aries, you love the quickie.
There are times when you just want to get down and dirty, but you may be at the wrong place and you are pressed for time. You love the thrill of speedy sex wherein you two just want to satisfy each other’s desires. To allow you to reach your climax during a quickie, be on top and try the “Twirl a Girl” move. This means that you are going to twirl your hips around all over and over until your desires are fulfilled.


If you are a Taurus, you would like your sex session to go on for a long time.
You are all about having long foreplay before you get into the sex itself. You want things to go slow and steady until you reach your climax. If you want to experience something new, you can lie down on your side and allow your partner to enter while kneeling in between your legs. It is something that will be remembered and done again and again.


As a Gemini, what you want to achieve is sex that is not only fun, it should also be fresh and flirty.
You are frequently turned on by things that may not turn other signs on, but when you do get turned on, you just want to get on with it at the soonest possible time. You are perfectly okay with experiencing sex while going through some television series that you have watched before. You can go on top of your partner while your partner sits down on the couch and pretend that you are a cowgirl even for a short while. You will be done before the series is over, but it is fun, right?


If there is one thing that the Cancerian loves, it is anything that is romantic and straight out of the movies.
You want your sex life to be full of long, lingering touches and sweet kisses. Since you are known to be nurturing, caring and you have all of the features that can make you a great mother, put a little bit of breast play when you become intimate with your partner. Do not be afraid to fondle your breasts as you bounce up and down while your partner lies down.

5. LEO

The Leo would like to have a type of sex that is dramatic and powerful.
You would like to make sure that you will treat your partner to a steamy show that will allow him to see you in your full glory. Before you realize it, he will be playing to the type of movements that you want to make your lovemaking great and amazing. You can make a move that is similar to the famous missionary, but you are going to wrap your legs around his legs to make sure that the thrusts will be a bit limited yet powerful at the same time.


A Virgo initially might seem boring in bed, but actually, she can do a lot of things that may be considered friskier than all the others.
You know that you love to work because you are organized, but your place of work may also be the place where you want to get down and dirty. Remember to remove all of the things first before you have fun with your partner. Do not forget to put your legs around the hip level as your partner enters you for an exhilarating experience.


There are different things that you are searching for in life, but one of the most important things for you is symmetry.
You want to make sure that you and your partner both experience pleasure. If you want to surprise your partner, you may want to allow him to enter you from behind while you do the grinding. It will blow his mind away. Do not forget to give him glances from time to time just to see how he reacts.


The Scorpio is always known for her passion so it is not surprising that a Scorpio would also like to show love in bed. 
Expect that you will do a lot of teasing so that things can go for an extended period. You want full body contact with your partner so you can make some movements that your partner will love. You can lie down and allow your partner to sleep on top of you while he enters you. Make sure to wrap your legs all over him so that the friction will not be wasted.


The Sagittarius is known to be open-minded when it comes to the things that can be done in the bedroom.
You would like to try some positions that you have only heard about but never tried. Your partner will always appreciate your ability to bring something new each time. Perhaps you can try the movement wherein you will both kneel towards each other slowly until you reach each other. This is just the beginning. You are still going to do more afterward.


If there is something that the Capricorn wants, it is to have a good time, and she knows that having sex can be something good, even great.
Expect the Capricorn to turn the simplest scenarios into bad ones that her partner will remember for a long time. If you would like to enjoy sex, make sure to do it even before you reach the bedroom. You can start on the wall for starters and see where you will be taken from there.


You have a lot of imagination, and you would like to use it in and out of the bedroom.
Since you would like to satisfy your fantasies, you want to be taken from behind. Allow your head to become relaxed on top of your pillows as you allow your partner to thrust into you from behind. It will allow your mind and your body to experience pleasure from all over.


Since Pisces is a water sign, there is always a sign that you will enjoy sex done in the water best of all.
You will usually feel soothed while you are in the water and all of your worries and sometimes your inhibitions will be washed away. If you cannot get near the sea or the ocean, you can be perfectly happy in the tub or the pool. Allow your man to sit on the steps of the pool while you lean back and lie down in the pool of water. Sooner or later, you will feel the big O perhaps even more than once.

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