You Will Be Amazed Of How Good Advice On Marriage We Got From One Divorced Man

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Mutual understating and mutual respect are the key factors for one marriage to work. If both of the partners take care for each other and they are not egoists, their relationship will be strong and healthy.
Read about this smart advice from Gerald Rogers who got divorced after 16 years of marriage
No one can be a professional when it comes to any kind of relationship. From my point of view I’ve learned a lot and I wish I could’ve done the things differently. But it is what it is… I lost my life partner and a long relationship which lasted for 16 years. If I were you I would do the following things:
Take your partner on a date
Dating is crucial for one relationship. And if you ask a woman to be your life partner, you must be sure that you will be always here to protect her. Never take her for granted.  She could have been with another guy, but she chose you. Be thankful for it. Don’t be lazy and always nurture your marriage with different kind of dates.
Guard your heart
Just as I mentioned above, you must protect your woman, but you have to protect yourself as well. Be open-minded and don’t be scared to show what you love and what you despise. Always keep that special place in your heart where only your wife can reach it.
Constantly falling in love
This is not sex and the city, and it is not some dramatic love movie. This is the driving force of one marriage.  You must never forget why you have married this person in the first place. Although the marriage will definitely change you, you have to take care for your wife. If she doesn’t feel that she receives the love that she gives, she may look for someone else.
Focus on the things that you adore in your wife
Focusing on the best sides of your wife will strengthen your marriage. If you notice only the bad things, you will start arguing. If you neglect all the things except for the love, you will feel the luckiest man in the world because you have the opportunity to be besides this person.  You cannot change her or ask from her to do certain things.  You already accepted her for who she really is, so your job is to love her and support her.
You can’t accuse your wife if you are not happy…
Getting married means that you are ready to commit and to share everything with your wife. You have to be able to search for your own happiness. If you are not satisfied maybe you have to change something instead of criticizing or blaming your wife.
Don’t pour your frustrations and problems over your wife
If you get mad about something or there is something that bothers you, you have to talk with your wife and control your emotions. You have to understand where this is coming from if you want to overcome this problem.
Always remember that your wife is the person that is here to help you and to support you. You chose her because you are attracted to everything that she does.
Allow your wife to be herself
When she is angry, it is not your job to confront her but to let her know that things will be okay and that you are here for her. She must assure that she can always tell you everything.
The women are emotional rollercoaster. One moment they are super happy at the very next they are depressive and sad. Don’t let your wife going through these things alone. Be beside her and listen.
Try to make her laugh
It is easier when your wife knows that you can make her smile even when she is having really rough time.
Make her feel important
You must learn how to make your wife validated. You can find out what she likes to do most and you can surprise her and make her feel happy.
Be there
Your wife doesn’t need only your attention and focus. You have to be there for her. Threat her like she is the most precious thing that you have, because she is.
Being a good sex partner
When it comes to the sex life, always keep things interesting. You have to make your wife enjoy this so it won’t become just a habit or something that both of you would rather avoid with some lame excuse.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes
Everyone can make a mistake, and you can learn from it. Try not be an idiot. You are not perfect neither is your wife, but repeating the same mistakes over and over again can break your marriage.
Give her some space
If you are married, your wife is the one that always give.  Everyone needs time for himself so does your wife. Give her the time and space that she needs and she will come back to you refreshed and full with energy.
Share your fears and feelings
Being honest and telling your wife when how are you feeling will make your marriage even more functional.
Be honest
If you want to have a healthy marriage, you must share your secrets and everything that you didn’t want to talk about it with your wife. It is hard to be opened but we are talking about your wife here, no a stranger that you’ve just met at the bar. Thus you wife will love you besides your flaws.
Grow together
Finding mutual dreams, goals and visions will nurture your relationship. If you stop working on your marriage it will fall apart.
Money should never be the problem
You should find a way so you and your wife both can contribute. If that is not possible you can find a solution which would not affect your marriage.
Get rid of the emotional baggage
Bringing the burden from the past with you will make you a hostage and unable to love. Forget about it. Think of your wife and your bright future. As long as you forgive you will feel free to love.
Love is the key
If you choose love over everything, you don’t need the rest pieces of advice. Choosing love will always protect your marriage.
Marriage is just like any other relationship, like friendship. You have to nurture it and to work on it. You are not committed just to your partner, but you commit to be there, to be creative and to grow together with your wife.
Be sure that there will be ups and downs, but you must learn how to overcome it and make your marriage even stronger than before.
I’ve learned something very important from my marriage, but unfortunately it was too late. I loved my wife and I loved being married with her. If I get a chance to be married again I will invest my time, my attention and everything else that I can give just make my partner happy.
If you are reading this post, share this with the people who are still hoping, or some friends who broke up with their girlfriends/boyfriends and they forgot how to love. Some of them may feel like I do, and maybe my advice will help them so they can save their marriage or relationship.

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