Why Women of 40 and 50 are the New ‘Ageless Generation’

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You will often hear phrases like “50 is the new 40” or “40 is the new 25”. However, what would happen if our 40s and 50s are not the “new” anything, but rather something that opens up to the world without labels?
Most of the middle-aged women today actually don’t feel middle aged at all, unlike what advertisers want them to think. This doesn’t mean that they are acting younger than they are, but they are simply redefining the concept of what means to be a woman in her 40s and 50s.  For instance, Polly Kemp of Somerset is a fit yoga teacher and fashion-lover who loves traveling and documenting her travels on Instagram. While this might seem like a simple description of a modern girl, Polly is 51 and the mother of three.
Why Women of 40 and 50 are the New ‘Ageless Generation’
In one recent interview, she shared the views that many women can relate to:  “When I hear the term “middle-aged”, I have to stop and think, “Is this meant to be me?” I don’t polish silver or plan menus, and I’m not interested in housework. I am also spontaneous and I don’t think that’s a quality traditionally associated with middle age.”
In fact, Polly speaks on behalf of the adult women these days, they don’t feel young, but they are comfortable in their skin. This makes them loving mothers, successful business woman, and happier people in general.
How Do Women Over 40 Really Feel Today?
According to a survey done by Telegraph, 96 percent of 40-plus women don’t feel middle-aged. A similar study done by SuperHuman found that up to 80 percent felt that the assumptions about middle-aged women don’t match with the way they live their lives.  Interestingly, over two-thirds of them noted that they were in the prime of their lives.
Here are a few answers to the two surveys that reveal a couple of new trends and tell a lot about the things that changed the generation of women and the experience of going through “middle age”:
-Women are respecting and valuing themselves. Whether they are progressing professionally or going above as workers in their homes, they are achieving a lot!
-Women are adventurous and willing to take risks. Up to 60 percent of women who participated in the study said that accepting new challenges was of utmost importance for them. 80 percent said that they love gaining new experiences.
-Women are treating their bodies well. They are exercising on a regular basis and are eating better.
-Women are more self-confident. They are happy with the way they look like at every stage of life.
nterestingly enough, there is a even a new term used to describe these women: perennials.  As explained by Gina Pell, who coined this term,  ‘Perennials are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who know what’s happening in the world, stay current with technology and have friends of all ages. We get involved, stay curious, mentor others, and are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident, collaborative, global-minded risk takers.’

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