Why Everyone Is Jealous Of You According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Why are they jealous of you?
The most characteristic similarities and features are determined by the Zodiac. Zodiac determines all the features and good as well as bad characteristics of everyone which may also form the reason for the people who hate you because they feel jealous of you.
If you want to know about Zodiac signs and the reason why people get jealous of you or your good features, do not miss the following article.
Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
The honour of being the zodiac cycle first sign is achieved by Aries. Members of Aries sign often have very powerful and strong characteristics in them. Mostly they move forward with a great zeal and have a very strong sense of purpose in them. The main characteristics which make Aries are indefatigability and indomitable energy. Aries can easily become good leaders as they always live with courage. A very straight forward approach is taken by them towards life and they always face it with great courage. This is the main reason of this sign being known as a charming ram.
Aries are found to be always eager for action according to their horoscope. They can become self appointed leaders due to their quality of taking on leadership spontaneously. But Aries do not care much for pros and cons which can also make them vulnerable.
Strong fire is the Aries sign and that is why they always carry fire’s warmth along with them. Aries are always full of energy which never goes away. Just as fire is unpredictable, Aries are also unpredictable. They are adventurous, pioneers and courageous, dynamic, quick tempered, impatient, daring and bossy.
Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
The second sign in the zodiac chart is Taurus. Taurus has strength and power due to which it is symbolized by a bull. But Taureans can be both gentle as well as tender in nature, so don’t let the angry bull confuse you. Taureans are easy going and gentle till they are not challenged just like a bull which is always docile unless tempted. Determination is always the key quality of Taureans. Taureans cannot be easily distracted from their goals. They always continue their efforts to reach the desired target.
Taureans never take those unnecessary risks which can lead to any form of loss. According to characteristics and traits of Taurus, they always prefer material gains and comfortable living over everything else which makes them very practical. Taureans always prove to be very good and loyal friends. They only choose few to be friends which are always close to them. They always act as a guide and protector for their friends. So they are always looked up to at needy times. As a friend, you can always depend on them. They are also very good at predicting any situation and hence give good suggestions.
Gemini (May 22nd to June 21st)
Gemini sign is symbolized by a twin so that is why a dual behavior is often shown by them. A dual nature and very prominent inconstancy are the prominent characteristics of Geminis. Geminis are used to looking at all situations from a dual perspective. They sometimes find it hard to distinguish between any two emotions as they may feel love as well as hate together. According to the predictions of Gemini horoscope, Geminis are often left confused about their true feelings due to their dual nature. For people to fathom, they are often challenge able due to their inconsistency. Insight power is the main gift of people blessed with this Zodiac sign. Sometimes, they may also tend to misuse their power.
Because of their oratory, Geminis rise in popularity and are very good communicators. They are curious, versatile, talkative and energetic. They are often recognized as very good public figures due to these qualities. Other people often get attracted to them due to their razor-like sharp wit. One of the greatest challenges of Geminis is their inconsistency at random phases of life.
Geminis are communicative, restless, eloquent, nervous and tense, cunning and inquisitive, adaptable, versatile, witty and intellectual, youthful and lively, superficial and inconsistent.
Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)
Crab symbol is used for the sign of Cancer. People having this sign are very emotional. However, their outer hard shells often help them hide their true emotions. They are very insensible and soft creatures and harsh words can make them confused.
According to the personality of Cancer horoscope, they mostly fall into depression. However, they do not remain in that depression state for long. They are very good humorists and often prove to be good entertainers.
The mood shifts of Cancerians often affect their overall lives. They often suffer from mood swings although they are not impulsive at all. Sometimes, they get angry over small issues. So, Cancerians prove to be in their best state around kind and sensible people.
Cancerians mostly do not want to let things go, just like animals, so they often hang on to things. They are also used to carrying the burden of their past with them. Due to their nature of selflessness, cancerians are often misinterpreted. We can call them as self-affected egoists.
Cancerians are loyal, caring, open, moody, self-pitying, oversensitive, narcissistic, dependable, adaptable, responsive, clingy, and sentimental.
Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)
Of all the Zodiac signs, the most masculine is Leo and it is always symbolised by the lion. Majesty and power is depicted from the sign of Leo.
Leo traits suggest that Leos are driven by the desire of being admired and loved, eager to jump in action and are very warm-spirited. Leo’s strength always comes at needy times. They are very ambitious. They would always be trying to reach to the peak of anything they try.
Being the centre of attraction is what a Leo always loves. They always want to be with a large crowd of people who are their admirers and are mostly party lovers. However, Leos never take the comments of critics lightly and are very sensitive to criticism. Leos will go to any extent to help you and are very tender at heart. Leos always act careful when they are about to choose people who can be useful to them in future.
Leos are mostly born leaders. Mostly, you will see that they are the best choice for demanding situations and leaderships. Leos are always independent and never depend on anyone even if they are in a relationship. Both Leo men and women are admirers of beauty and always fall for beauty. Leos mainly crave for power and status and often like to build strong relations with people having a good social status.
Leos are confident, ambitious, loyal, hopeful, dominating, obstinate, determined, kind, encouraging, pretentious, melodramatic and abortive.
Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)
Virgin is the symbol used by the sign of Virgo which means “purity”. Virgos are highly discriminating due to the very strong sense of good and bad in them. They often seem to know the wrong motives of people due to their unparalleled ability. This quality makes them very careful in each step of life.
Virgo is said to be a passive Zodiac sign from its horoscope. Virgos are hardly found to teem with activities. However, at many moments, you will find Virgos to be agile, so they cannot be fully thought to be passive. Great amount of caution is practiced by Virgos in whatever they do in their lives. They often seem very irrational to others because of their cleanliness freakishness. Virgos are often found confused when the time comes about making decisions of life, although they are known to be very intelligent.
Virgos are found to be on the top of the charts when it comes to making connections with people. They always try to hide their true feelings of being careful. Keen sense of responsibility is what always clouds the life of a Virgo. Sometimes, they even take unnecessary pressure on themselves.
It is real fun to be around Virgos and they are found to be very easy going by the people around them. They fascinate people easily and have a very engaging nature.
Overall, Virgos are logical, helpful, reliable, skeptical, inflexible, cold, observant, attentive, accurate, selective and interfering in nature.
Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)
The seventh sign of Zodiac chart is Libra. It is an active sign according to its horoscope. People under this sign are often found to run out of energy quickly, although they are agile as well. Libra has a sign of balance which means that in difficult situations, they are found to be balancing between the two sides. Librans always try maintaining harmony between people. They can be used in any practical situations as they are found to be level-headed.
Reviewing their personality suggests that they have both cheerfulness and darkness so they are two faced people. Libras are full of contradictions, however, you will also find them friendly, joyful and ready for good communication.
Librans are found to stick to any decision they take. They prefer retreating from situations than facing them in real. However, it is fun being around Librans as they are intuitive and intelligent. They often love engaging people in interesting chats and are good communicators. Librans often make good hosts due to their charming personalities.
Librans are ambassadorial, welcoming, idealistic, pessimistic, untrustworthy, elegant, peace loving, superficial and hesitant overall.
Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd)
The stingy and mighty scorpion is the symbol for this sign. It is the number eighth sign of the Zodiac chart. Scorpio is considered by most of the astrologers as an introvert feminine sign. Because of the diverse nature of Scorpio, it is one of the most interesting studies for the researchers. Scorpions can be interesting for being around but they can be dangerous too.
It is revealed from the personality of Scorpios that they are intuitive, engaging, spiritual, diplomatic, intellectual, resolute and sensitive. They are known to be the most passive sign in the chart of Zodiac.
Overall, Scorpions are trustworthy, resourceful, sharp-eyed, envious, passionate, knowledgeable and dynamic. They are also unyielding, obsessive, suspicious and manipulative.
Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st)
Sagittarius is a Centaur which has a human like upper-portion and a horse like hind. That is why Sagittarians have both human as well as animal-like traits. The sign of Sagittarius is a man with a bow and an arrow which he is pointing towards the heavens. The incurable optimists of the Zodiac chart are Sagittarians. Sagittarians are blessed with the quality of looking at the positive side of things. A Sagittarian is deaf to the critics around him, however he is always true and accepts his fault. Sagittarians are often outdoor people and are very active. They love participating in all physical activities and sports. They are mostly sincere and very kind-hearted people.
Overall, the Sagittarians are independent, cheerful, have good sense of humor, intellectual, philosophical, irresponsible, rude, unemotional, optimistic, freedom loving, honest, straightforward, casual, reckless and restive.
Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
Capricorns love to take risks but considering them reckless would be completely wrong. They rehearse and preplan everything before putting it into action. They never let spontaneity affect them and are very calculative in real life.
Sometimes they become very selfish towards fulfilling their purpose. They try to put themselves at the highest place in society by trying hard to get power and leadership through their hard work. They have very strong emotions and they can feel things but they do not tell anyone. They are passive people and are always full of energy.
They never get demotivated by society and are always self-assured. They always try to achieve their goal by staying focused on their target. They always keep a high opinion about themselves.
Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
Aquarians are found to be sensitive to an extreme level. They are always surrounded by many people but in reality, they always feel lonely. They are public figures. They like associations with organizations, clubs and forums.
They prove to be very good in communication unless you get out of their mental realm. Company of like-minded people is what they like the most. Friends hold great importance in their overall life and they like themselves to be surrounded by them.
Aquarians hate change and they are mostly very straight-forward people. When they feel hurt, they will always try to take revenge without even caring for their own reputation. Aquarians love a life full of peace.
Overall, Aquarians are Witty, clever, caring, unique, rebellious, emotional and obstinate.
Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)
Pisces possess a very creative and artistic mind. They are true artists and they get noticed soon after they become public figures.
They are always there for you when you need them with a friendly smile on their face.
They are found to be idealistic, creative, nurturing, compassionate, very loving, romantic, sympathetic, imaginative, accepting, caring, introverted, loyal and very spiritual in their nature.

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