Which Greek God Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

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There’s quite a few “which (blank) are you according to your zodiac” articles out there. Which potato dish are you according to your zodiac?There’s quite a few “which (blank) are you according to your zodiac” articles out there. Which potato dish are you according to your zodiac? Pisces is potato latkes obviously. Which episodes of “The Simpsons” are you according to your zodiac? Some of these articles make more sense than others. But, if there’s one comparison you can make to the signs of the zodiac that actually makes sense, it’s the Greek Gods. The stories of the gods on Mount Olympus were written in order to understand the ways of humanity and the world at large. They were filled with all of the types of attributes and flaws that make humanity interesting and unique. The stories teach us lessons about ourselves, much like the zodiac. So, without further adieu, which Greek god are you according to your zodiac?
The stories teach us lessons about ourselves, much like the zodiac. So, without further adieu, which Greek god are you according to your zodiac?

You are Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. You’re the personification of what is fleeting and perfectly imperfect and the mother of love. Yet, somehow despite all the light, wonder and happiness you bring into people’s lives, you’re drawn to the wrong type of mates. Your husband is the lame smith god, and the ugliest of the gods. You must never forget that your light shines so bright that people can’t help but want to dim it down. Your symbols are the seashell and the mirror. Your sacred animal is the dove.
You are Apollo, the god of the sun and music. You are a connoisseur of skill and craft. You respect people who really try in this life and your never-ending desire to achieve keeps you youthful and dreamy. You’re a stoic and respected individual. A lot of people wish they were more like you. You’re the type that can just pick up a guitar and make beautiful music or pick up a hammer and build a gazebo. Your symbol is the lyre, the tripod and the laurel. Your sacred animals are the lizard, the wolf and the raven.
You are Hestia, the goddess of the hearth. The female goddess of heat and fire, you exemplify what it means to be a good friend. You remember the birthdays, you look out for your friend’s best interest, you help them when they can’t help themselves. You are also discrete and respected by those around you. Conflict is not your thing and you don’t get involved in the squabbles of others. You’re the type of person who truly wants to make the world better and people see that in you and they respect it.
You are Eros, the god of love. You’re a fiend for knowledge and beauty as your mother was the goddess of beauty. You were born into chaos and you know how to make the chaos feel like harmony. Your beauty is hypnotizing to people and they can’t help but want to be close to you. You’ve always got a partner by your side, it’s just how you roll. Whoever is lucky enough to be with you will feel like their life has been enriched. Your symbol is the boy and arrow.
You are Hermes, the god of the trade, and the god of speed. You are an observer of life. Being the god with wings on his feet, you were given the job of helping souls find their way to the underworld. This plus your voracious desire for knowledge makes you someone who is wise and deep. You’re also empathetic but you have a dark side. You’re the patron saint of cheaters and thieves. Your love of all experience makes you more understanding than most but also hated by those who aren’t understanding and worldly. Your symbols are the staff, leather pouch and winged sandals.
Leo, you are Zeus, the all powerful god of gods (not to mention lighting and the sky). You love to laugh and you are on a never-ending search for knowledge but you’re also the god of gods and you know it, so you’re extremely self-centered, a little arrogant, stubborn and you never bend. The people you respect and trust can be counted on hand, and they’re lucky that you do because the people around you tend to make it to the top of the mountain with you. Watch out for your wandering eye and need to stay on a pedestal at all times. Also, your curiosity can get you into trouble. Your symbols are the scepter, the throne and the thunderbolt. Your sacred animal is the eagle.
This should be kind of obvious Aries, you’re Ares. As the son of the two most powerful gods on Mt Olympus you’ve got the swagger of an all-powerful god but you can move around amongst mortals and fit in. You are the person who makes things happen. You can move mountains if need be. You may not have as many friends as you’d like, but the ones you do have consider you among their best friends. You’re one of the most fiercely loyal and caring friends a person can have and you will achieve whatever you set your mind to, and even help your friends achieve their dreams, You’re a dream maker because you fight for what you love. Your symbols is the spear. Your sacred animal is a dog, a cornucopia and Cerberus, your three-headed dog.
You are Artemis. The fierce and capable goddess of the hunt. You are beautiful but that’s not all that important to you. Life, nature and adventure are what interest you. When it comes to love, you are fiercely loyal and anyone who messes with the ones you love will feel your wrath. You’re so tough deep within that you’re both the goddess of the hunt, and the goddess of childbirth. You’re tough and nurturing, beautiful and fierce. The symbols of Artemis were the bow and the pike. Her tree was the cedar and her sacred animals were the snake, the bear and the deer.
You are Dionysus, the god of wine and the arts. You are the hesitant hero, but no doubt, the hero of your own story. You were born with a mortal mother but your father is the most powerful god that’s ever existed. As a result, sure, you spend your time getting sloshed on wine and playing the flute, but you can spin gold out of drunken stupor like no other. You sacrifice yourself to bring beauty into the world. You want to bring out the beauty, talent and smarts in everybody around you, because you love those who are close to you. You leave a mark on everyone who’s fortunate enough to know you in this life. Your symbols are thyrsos (a wooden stick wrapped with ivy leaves and vines), the flute and the wine barrels. His sacred animals were the panther and the tiger.
You are Poseidon. You’re a leader, one of the three strongest gods of Olympus. People always want a little more of you than you want to give, and they perceive you as aloof or emotionally unavailable. You need your alone time, which is why you usually stay in your kingdom of the sea. At the same time, you need a mate. You need somebody who supports you and is on your team no matter what. It’s true that you may be moody and sometimes a bit reactive or impulsive, but you’re also a force of nature. You can get anything done that you put your mind to and people know that, which is why they come to you for help. Your symbols are the trident, the dolphin and the horse.
You are Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. You are a trusting individual and yet, you tend to be drawn to powerful and ambitious people. You may appear to be a gentle and peace loving person, and you are but if anyone messes with those who are close to you they’ll feel your wrath. You know that you’re right all the time because you actually are. You are the goddess of the harvest, of vegetables and bread. You are the one who separated humanity from the animals by teaching them how to grow food and yet, despite all that, you’re able to keep a cool head when everyone around you is losing it. The symbols of Demeter were the ear of wheat and the grains, as well as the crocus flower, the narcissus, the myrtle and the daffodil and the poppy.
You, Pisces, are the god of the underworld, Hades. If you weren’t a Pisces, this might bum you out, but since you are indeed a Pisces, you should think this is pretty bad ass. Hades isn’t just a gloomy old bum. He’s the second most powerful god there is. He’s also married to the goddess of beauty. You secret power is invisibility, which translates to people never really knowing what’s going on in that artistic mind of yours. You’re probably seen as pretty devilish by your friends and loved ones, because you are! That desire you have to live in your own world, that need for alone time that comes from deep in your core, that is all Hades, but the product of all that insular-ness is creativity, art and beauty. Your symbols are a spear tipped septar, a cornucopia and Cerberus, your three-headed dog.

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