What Type Of Men Give The Best Orgasms To Women? Science Gives The Answer!

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According to a scientific study, men with a great sense of humor, creativity and who show their emotions without fear, are the most appropriate to enable a woman the maximum physical pleasure.

The female orgasm is one of the best-kept secrets for men, so much so that sometimes it is even a riddle to solve in their partners. But it is true that once they manage to decipher it, the connection between the two is so strong that intimate relations are then played at another level, with a knowledge that helps both to achieve the greatest of pleasures. Of course, it is difficult for women to find that connection and, therefore, science wanted to lend a helping hand and say something about it.

According to a study published in the journal Socioaffect Neuroscience & Psychology, those men capable of making a woman laugh, who have a restless mind and cannot stop creating and are even able to show their emotions, will have a greater facility to touch the exact points in the woman so that she achieves better orgasms.

We have always thought that the key to a couple working is trust, but in reality, if you want a full intimate life you need someone who knows how to make you smile even in the worst moments.

According to this new research, there are several characteristics of men that provide a more pleasurable experience for women. Well, in this study, they found that the characteristics of the men who gave the most pleasure in bed included:

1) A sense of humor

Needless to say, any guy with the power to make a woman laugh is considered to be attractive to the ladies.

Being funny matters so much to women that they are often attracted to men they would have otherwise find unattractive.

All women enjoy laughing, and any guy with a sense of humor has the potential to make their sad moments happier.

Furthermore, funny men usually notice important details and can see through things from a different perspective. It is their very sense of humor that allows them to look at things from a higher level and while they are funny most of the time, they are aware when they need to be serious.

2) Creativity

Men and people in general, who just wake up and go to work every day and then do it all over again the next day live monotonous and boring life.

The study found that women prefer guys with a little creativity spark in their spirit. Did you find it interesting that some very unattractive musicians, artists, and painters are surrounded by beautiful women all the time?

This is because women find creativity in men very attractive. A man who can create something using his own hands and brains is a man who can light up the sparks in the bedroom.

Moreover, creative guys are usually thought to be more mysterious people, and women simply love a man of mystery.

3) Emotional closeness

Women are attracted to a man with kindness and one whom they can approach. Warm and affectionate men make the best lovers because they pay attention to what the women they are with like.

While both genders often search and receive different things from sleeping together, women like to feel safe in the arms of the men they sleep with, and a man who can give that to a woman is someone worth hanging on to.

When a woman feels safe, she can fully relax and enjoy the intimate experience more than a female who knows that sleeping together doesn’t mean anything to her partner or if she feels pressured into being intimate with him.

4) Faithfulness

While many people today believe think that sleeping with the same person for the rest of your life is dull and boring, women really appreciate faithfulness and commitment. A man who is loyal to his woman makes her feel wanted and needed, and that is the best element for creating the perfect atmosphere for intimacy and pleasurable orgasm.

Many women don’t experience orgasms during their early sexual experiences. One of the reasons for that is because their guys have not established a genuine connection with them yet.

One-night-stands will not provide the foundation for a faithful relationship, but as two partners become closer, it becomes apparent to the woman that her man wants her and her alone.

5) Nice smell

Scents can remind us of moments in our lives when we felt different emotions like happiness, sorrow, excitement, satisfaction, and hope.

It is no wonder that a man’s smell can attract a woman to him. The human scent can trigger feelings and emotions that can relax a woman and make her more interested in her lover.

It can also help improve the orgasmic experience for women who associated smells with their partner.

If the way smell a man smells makes a woman feel secure and loved, she will inevitably experience better, stronger, and more frequent orgasms compared to a woman who isn’t connected to her lover through her scent.

So, gentlemen, a funny temperament, and a warm personality will never hurt!

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