What Is The Color Of Your Inner Energy? The Most Beautiful Test In The World Knows The Answer…

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What color do you radiate? Answer these questions intuitively and the following test will reveal the truth to you!

Colors make our world beautiful. Without them, life would be dull and dull. Everything would be black and white, and it would be much more difficult for us to distinguish between different objects and even each other!

Beauty really hides in the eye of the beholder, so probably, if we could, we would all like to know what the color of our energy is.

Life has endowed us with the qualities of sight that surpass the expectations of each of us, and man must feel lucky, for he is the only being who can see colors.

Colors are inexplicable by some, but without them, we could not describe the surrounding objects. How would you describe an orange, for example?

As we detail a particular object, we should be grateful, because we can do it.

And by describing we also mean appreciating every particular thing that surrounds us. Without colors, we would not be able to explain the world we live in and the reality we experience every day.

Let’s take this memorable sentence from one of O’ Henry short stories, The gift of the Magi:

“She stood by the window and looked out dully at a gray cat walking a gray fence in a gray backyard.”

Do you see how important this landscape is, just by the mere presence of color? There is a visual parallelism that can only be explained by coloring.

In addition to color, we can also find something else hidden behind it, the energy which that object conveys.

Every object in the universe has some energy and a certain vibration, which is due to color.

We all vibrate at different frequencies, and each of them has its own shade. This type of color energy is close to what is called an aura, in the sense that everyone has their own color energy and it can say a lot about a person. Each person’s energy is subjective, and their aura is unique. Thus we can tell our opinion about a certain object and how it influences our life. The most interesting thing is that the color of our energy subconsciously, gradually affects how people perceive us!

Even if you are skeptical about this theory, you have to admit that sometimes you have a connection with certain people that you cannot explain. The images you will see in the test will test your subconscious and bring to the surface the real energy of your aura.

Each color emits a type of energy. There are many ways in which color affects our own energy. Perhaps one of the main subtle influences they have is the perception of other people towards us, of the energy they radiate in us and how it affects our behavior.

What color emanates from your energy? Let’s see!

This wonderful and relaxing test will help you to explore what color your energy is currently vibrating. Click the “let’s play” button below and enjoy and live the moment!

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