What Elephant You are Most Drawn To? It Reveals The Soul Contract You Are Currently Working On!

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You enter into a soul contract when you come into agreement with another soul before reincarnating on Earth to meet with each other and fulfill a specific purpose.

Every soul that we meet in our lifetime who brings us either challenges or blessings carries a purpose for our spiritual evolution.

Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture helps us in healing our souls, grow, and experience fulfillment in our life.

We make many soul contracts that we will work on in our life so we can learn as many lessons as we can and grow our soul as much as we can.

Hence, it is best to know the current soul contract you are working on so you can better focus on it and grow.

Most soul contracts belong to 3 categories.

What Elephant You are Most Drawn To?

Here is a beautiful test created by Laurie Barraco that determines what category of a soul contract you are currently working on.

Just choose the image that most resonates with you and see what it tells about your current soul contract.

What elephant did you choose? Read what it reveals!

1.Fear and lack of consciousness.

Under this soul contract, fear is influencing your life tremendously. For example, you want to get ahead, but when you do have extra money in your bank account, a surprise expense comes up and there goes all your financial savings.

Getting ahead becomes a dream you see but unable to fulfill. The fear of not having enough keeps your frame of mind in this financial limitation.

There are two questions you need to answer deeply: 1) Do you feel you are not supposed to be abundant?; 2) Do you have strong beliefs that when you get ahead something will come and take away your finances?;

Your soul contract is to work on your lack of consciousness. This might be due to your past experiences where times were tough and you could barely get enough.

Look deeply into these things and try to rewire your thought processes. Train your mind to stop projecting the thoughts that every time you have an extra, it will be taken away.

Work on getting ahead financially. Even if your progress may be slow, what matters is you catch yourself up with what you say and think.

Soon you will feel the abundance.

2.Self-confidence and identity.

A lack of self-confidence makes you feel uncomfortable in the spotlight, and you fret when the attention is focused on you.

Unconsciously putting other people’s needs before your own could also signify that you are strongly tied to other’s approval.

When these are the things that you feel, your soul contract are to find out who you are as an individual, nurture yourself, and share your gifts with the world.

While putting other’s needs ahead of your own makes you feel good, it ironically makes people let you down because you are giving assistance even without them asking you.

Tying your identity with how others feel about you is setting yourself up for disappointment and, in a way, attracting people whose sole purpose is to take advantage of your giving nature.

You can begin healing yourself by starting each morning with healthy mantras or affirmations that encourage you to make the most of each day and help you embrace your personal power.

Focus on your passions and skills, embrace them, and give them time. Once you prioritize your goals and manage to show up, spirit will take care of the rest.

For now, instead of following the urge to nurture everyone, turn that loving energy inwards and allow yourself to experience the benefit of your nurturing nature.

3.Abandonment, letting go, and fear of change.

A soul contract that struggles with abandonment and having a fear of being alone is often characterized by staying in a relationship longer than necessary and finding oneself in unhealthy and co-dependent relationships personally and professionally.

You are very much aware of the toxicity that these relationships have on you, only that getting out means change, and you dread change.

For you, it’s better to stay in an unhealthy relationship than being alone. You have the power to break free from this bondage by going within and work on your connection with the Source.

Going inwards will give you the enlightenment of your true being—a strong individual that is part of a magnificent soul and wise beyond measure. Finding out where the abandonment fear began also helps.

Now is the time to heal your wounds and walk with confidence and integrity. Everything is for your highest good and you deserve all of it.

Source: Conscious Reminder > Awakening People by Laurie Barraco;

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