This Popular Candy Is Linked To ADHD, Anxiety & Cancer!

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If Reese’s peanut butter cups are your favorite snacks, we’ll give you a few reasons to stop eating them. We see the little cups everywhere, and it’s just impossible to ignore them.
You better search and check which is your next best snack, because Reese’s cups are not the thing what you want to put in your mouth.
Background information.
The buttercups were first presented to the world in 1928 by Mr. Reese. The farmer was also sending foreman for Milton S. Hershey.
His candy company was first located in his basement. We can see the cups in many different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Yes, we all love chocolate and peanut butter, but would you ingest TBHQ?
The ingredients of Reese’s buttercups include Chocolate milk, (milk, chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, no fat milk, lactose, soy lecithin, PGPR), peanuts, sugar dextrose, salt, TBHQ and citric acid.
Candy Ingredient #1: Soy Lecithin
About 94% of the soy is genetically modified. Soy lecithin effects on reproduction. It may cause serious behavioral and cerebral abnormalities. Researchers claim it can trigger the development of abnormal breast cancer cells.
Candy Ingredient #2: PGPR
Polyricinoleate and Polyglycerol are replacing the cocoa butter to cost less money in the production procedure. PGRP is obtained from beans, and it reduces the viscosity of chocolate. Studies have shown that it causes gastric problems and allergies in children.
Candy Ingredient #3: TBHQ
Tertiary butyl hydroquinone is obtained from petroleum, and it’s very toxic for a human body. TBHQ causes nausea, vomiting,  delirium, and collapse. It can damage the lungs and the umbilical cells. Researchers show that it can cause stomach cancer. When it comes to children, TBHQ causes anxiety and intensified ADHD symptoms.
So why don’t you try instead:
Homemade organic peanut butter cups.
Reese’s taste like very good, but you don’t want to put yourself at risk, right? If you’re not on your mind for peanut butter, you’ll definitely love our recipe. You can buy organic peanut butter cups or just make your own tiny cups at home.
How to make it:
Put the melted chocolate into your muffin cups. Use a teaspoon to do this and freeze.
Combine the peanut butter, honey, and salt in a different bowl. Heat the things in a small saucepan. You don’t need a high temperature to do this.
Put the peanut butter in your very frozen cups. Leave space at the top for another chocolate layer at the end.
Put the cups in your fridge for 15 minutes, then put the butter. Put the cups in your fridge for another hour and a half.
By now your chocolate has become hard, so you need to warm it again. Add another dose over your cups. Put the cups back in your fridge for another 30min.
Your homemade butter cups are ready! Go organic and enjoy in your new healthy muffins. Check the video below for the organic-friendly version of this recipe.

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