This Is Why Such Strong Girls Feel So Broken Inside

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Strong women are used to being able to persevere through anything, so when they suffer heartbreak or other tragedy—as all human beings do—it is especially devastating because it is entirely unexpected and literally shocking. Usually, strong women can force a smile and act as if everything is fine and happy no matter what, but when they can’t, it’s not exaggerating to say that they need just as much help (or more) than regular human beings do under these circumstances. If you spot a strong woman in a vulnerable state, attempt to genuinely comfort her even when she quickly puts her guard back up and insists that nothing is wrong at all.
This Is Why Such Strong Girls Feel So Broken Inside
If a strong woman cancels plans out of the blue or suddenly disappears from social scenes and social media, persist strongly until you establish and maintain a connection with them. She’ll likely try to suffer in silent solitary, but stand firm in attempting to help, knowing full-well that it is both the right and logical thing to do. This will probably be difficult for a strong woman to accept, because she’s used to listening to other people’s problems and helping to solve them—as opposed to allowing another human being to listen to her problems and offer advice. However, this is even more reason for you to persist in attempting to be there for them; “denial” is always much more than just a river in Egypt.
When a strong woman begins to think negatively, a small problem can rapidly spiral out of control because strong women are normally critical of themselves regardless of negative circumstances. If there is too much to genuinely be critical of—such as after making a mistake or suffering a deep misfortune—then strong women can be far too strong on themselves, so they really do need you to help lighten the load. Worse yet, when strong women are experiencing deep negativity for the first time, they will realize that most people only see them as a shallow stereotype for “strong personalities,” which is quite a depressing realization to make in itself.
It’s true that most strong women will be able to persevere past heartbreak or tragedy eventually, but it’s also true that they can do so much quicker with the right kind of help. Moreover, they can get back to being strong and helping others more quickly if they get a little help themselves.

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