There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence: What Is The Universe Trying To Tell You?

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When unbelievable or unexpected things happen, people often consider them “coincidental”

You’re thinking about a friend you have not seen in years when suddenly – he calls you. You learn the name of a new place and suddenly this name appears everywhere – on the front page of the magazine, on the radio, in the conversation you have heard…

They say coincidence is just a pseudonym of God when he does not want to sign his name.

In the Universe, there are many incredible ways to connect people.

In search of an appropriate place of residence, job or a lifetime companion, many people go far. And at the same time behind the curtains of the world scene operates an organization, which creates for us the perfect connections. It is the Cosmic Center for Coincidence Management.

Accidental events do not exist. Coincidence – this is simply a miraculous event, the creator of which is God, who does not want to declare himself. In the plans of God, the case does not play an important role. Everything that appears in your life is the result of your intentions and thoughts.

When you try to fulfill the desires of your heart, know that all your intentions are known to the Universe. The Universe organizes various events in your life. God has your address, and each of your determined intentions is entered in the Great Diary.

Do everything by yourself that it is in your power, without any unnecessary stress or panic, and leave all the details to the Cosmic Center.

You create your own reality!

When a man does everything he can to accomplish his intentions, and then relies on the help of reasonable invisible force, great things happen. Pray, plan, adjust and do everything you can … and then let everything go its course – your ability to let go is just as much important as a prayer.

Anyone you meet on your path – is a character from your life script. Your only concern is to continually improve the script, in order for the film to come out as good as possible. The responsibility for directing your film is on you.

Whenever people appear on our path, they come in our life to deliver us some kind of a message. Accidental encounters do not exist. But, if we are to be able to receive the message, it is crucial how we respond to these meetings. If we are talking to someone who has come into our path and do not see a message that relates to our current problem, that does not mean that the message does not exist. It just means that for some reason we have missed it.

Have you ever encountered an old friend or acquaintance, talk to him for a minute and carry on, and then you meet him again the same day or the same Sunday? And what do you usually say? “It’s interesting to see you again,” you smile and walk on with your daily life.

Ancient wisdom, however, says that in a situation like this we need to stop and discover the message that this person has for us, and the message we have for that person. Sages say that once people understand such a reality, our encounters will slow down and become much more meaningful.

I wish you as many wonders and miraculous events as possible!

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