The Science Behind Attraction: Here’s Why We Are Or Aren’t Attracted to Certain People…

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Have you ever pondered over the reasons why you felt attraction to certain people or why you just aren’t attracted to other people in general? All people have their own preferences but an interesting question is: where do those preferences come from?

When it comes to love, most of us choose to follow their heart instead of listening to what their brain has to say about their potential partner. However, today you will discover that the act of falling in love is more related to the brain than you imagined. After all, falling in love, attraction and arousal are chemical responses initiated in the human brain…

The stages of love and its duration

Anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher states that falling in love has three fundamental stages: lust, attraction, and love, followed sometimes by a fourth stage, of disunity, which would lead to the breaking of the couple. In each of these stages, the brain produces a different set of chemicals that run the show.

Namely, the brain decides whether or not some person is a relationship material or friend material. It decides whether or not people want to pursue a possible relationship or friendship with someone. So, if you ever wondered why you never had feelings for that incredibly good-looking friend of yours? Well, it is not your choice, it’s your brain that calls the shot. In other words, our preferences towards other people are already hardwired into us.

It seems there are quite a few factors that influence our decision whether or not we find someone to be attractive. Some people hold the belief that the composite image of our caretakers from early childhood is the basis for choosing our love partners. However, whether you would admit it or not, beauty does influence a lot. When some person is beautiful it appears to vibrate “I have perfect health and good genes!” Your subconscious mind is going to sense that whether you like it or not.

A study published in the Journal of Neuropsychologia found that our pleasure centers in the brain are stimulated whenever people see pictures of beautiful women. While we don’t want to appear as shallow, we cannot help it most of the time. Personality matters without a doubt, but so does a person’s appearance. In women, Men tend to look at women’s facial symmetry, waist-to-hip ratio, youthfulness, and smell before anything else.

Researchers from all over the world have their own viewpoints on this subject and I believe to some extent they all see things correctly. Appearance, scent, personality, and many other features play an important role in our preferences for a partner. When we find someone to be attractive it is our subconscious mind that influences our feelings and desires.

The DNA is essentially making the final decision when it comes to who we choose our love partners and who we don’t. The following video that we present in this article will enable you to learn more about this subject.

What is your opinion about today’s discussion? Why do you think you are attracted to some people and not to others?

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