The Sexiest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

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The Sexiest Zodiac Signs, Ranked.

An Aquarius is more of a loner. An Aquarius takes a lot of time to open up to his or her partner. This extremely reserved nature of an Aquarius is not always appreciated by his or her partner because of which an Aquarius usually ends up at the bottom of the list.
It is not that a Capricorn is a bad lover. However, being in love with a Capricorn is difficult because a Capricorn is very choosy about his or heart partner. This often leads to the creation of a void between a Capricorn and another Zodiac.
Falling in love with a Taurus can be one of the best or one of the worst decisions of your life. While a Taurus knows what loyalty is, being stubborn is another prominent trait of a Taurus. This often leads to misunderstandings and a boring sexual experience.
A Virgo can be a real maniac when it comes to having sex because of the minute details that a Virgo might run after. However, apart from that, the touch of a Virgo is very tender and caring which makes the sex-life lovely.
The Libra might be one of the most creative and passionate people in the room. However, this same passion and creativity drive a Libra towards becoming possessive towards his or her partner and this clinginess often leads to a negative experience.
A Gemini is very passionate provided you know how to excite him or her. If you really know what the Gemini likes in bed and synchronize accordingly, you will end up having one of the best times in bed.
It is known that the Sagittarius loves to explore newer horizons and this trait is not restricted to the opportunities in life only. If you are in bed with a Sagittarius, you can expect a kinky and out-of-the-box sex experience that will leave you with a naughty smile on your face.
A Cancer is very passionate and emotional and this is well expressed when he or she is in bed. With a Cancer, you will go high and low on and get a roller-coaster like sex-life especially in bed.
A Leo is indeed fierce and dominating and this adds a different flavor to the sex-life of a Leo. This passion and power that emanates from a Leo drive the partner crazy to get back in bed as soon as possible. However, a Leo might even develop the unfortunate narcissistic characteristics and ruin the sexual treat.
An Aries is a passionate lover and a sensual partner. This passion and sensuality accompanied by the urge to drive the partner mad with sex often reveals the dominating side of the Aries and gives this Zodiac sign a lower position among the top 3 contestants.
As the saying goes, “Old is gold”, a Pisces is a perfect carrier of that state of mind. With the unstoppable passion of a sexual drive, the old-fashioned sex of this romantic sign definitely leaves the partner experience heaven in bed.
Nobody knows how to love better than a Scorpio. In fact, the Scorpio is the most sensual and the most passionate partner in bed. With a Scorpio, you will be in a sexual paradise and you will hope that this heavenly journey never ends.

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