Reveal Your Personality With The Number Of Horses You Spot

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Your eyes define you. How they look at things, understand and perceive everything about you, and look at different situations, can reveal infinite things about your personality.

This is why there exist so many ways in which what a person makes of an abstract shape, drawing or artwork helps to understand their mental state or nature. Try out the game we have for you’re here to uncover the deepest thoughts and to understand your character yourself.

How to Play
Don’t worry about failing, because this isn’t a test! There are only winners here.

-Take a quick peek at the picture below, (for a few seconds only) and count the number of horses you can find in it.

-Compare the number of horses you have found with the interpretations given below.

One Horse

You like to look at everything as a whole, and not at the tiny pieces which make up the puzzle. You envision things as they will be, and not the many tasks that will be required to create it. That makes you a bit hasty. As a result, you don’t really think deeply before making your decisions.

These are great qualities for a manager because as you look at the big picture, you are able to understand and predict the results before anyone else and see the final picture while others around you are still sitting with the basics.

And amazingly, these characteristics have not made you bossy. But that doesn’t mean that you should step back and relax. You should keep working on yourself because you are one of those people who can bring about change.

5-10 Horses

You are on your way to becoming a perfectionist. You don’t take things lightly and prefer spending your energy on worthy causes. Overall you are quite balanced and practical.

Despite this, you seem to have a method of working which is quite haywire. It doesn’t stop you from accomplishing that which you have set out to do, but it does reflect in you haphazard way of working. And this causes many problems on the way.

You are always moving, and never pausing. At times, you might race to finish a task. Others, you might crawl because you’re tired. But you’re moving, and not in one place.

And because you’re so good at getting things done perfectly, you do have a bit of overconfidence with regards to your competences. You tend to go overboard with the small things and stress over the tiniest of details, but that is alright. You won’t let any of your failures get in your way.

11 Horses or More

And here we have the perfect perfectionist!

You are a keen person and do let very little escape you if anything at all. You take note of the tiniest things everywhere, and when you plan or work on something, you take off the smallest details. You do not let anybody down and take responsibility for your actions. This is what makes you popular.

But of course, nothing is perfect, and being a perfectionist has its own downsides. You want everything to be just so and are often at ends, wondering if you should continue working on a project or give it up in totality. You do not know when to stop working on things to stop trying to make them ‘better’, and no matter how perfect the result, very rarely are you satisfied with it.

What you need to incorporate into your life are peace and calm, and yoga could be your friend in this. You need to stop thinking, or over-thinking, and try to let things go instead. Sit back and relax. Listen to the people around you when they tell you that it’s time to stop because they will be the ones who will stop you from going crazy about the smallest detail.

It’s all okay, and you have to let yourself believe it.

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