Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Falls In Love The Fastest

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The zodiac signs ranked on how quickly they fall in love, from the slowest to the fastest.

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Falls In Love The Fastest


Capricorn, you’re the slowest to fall in love, mostly because when it comes to love, you are incredibly stubborn. You keep convincing yourself that you have to choose between having a relationship and having a successful career, which is absolutely not true. With the right person, you can certainly have both. So give the pessimism a break and give love a chance.


When you are in love, Aquarius, you’re a dream. You’re honest and loyal and you’re focused on things that matter and you’re a fascinating person. But it takes a lot for you to fall in love, mostly because you are your own gigantic obstacle. You’re slow to fall in love because you shut yourself off from any person you sense that you might fall for, perhaps because you’re afraid of not having control, or you’re intimidated by being close to someone. Whatever it is, you’re going to continue to struggle with falling in love until you stop getting in your own way.


When it comes to dating, these are the main thoughts going through your head at all times: What if this doesn’t work out or How do I know if this is a waste of time or What if I’m more into them than they’re into me? Because of your tendency for overthinking and for intentionally searching for problems, you move at a very, very slow pace when it comes to falling in love.

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You are a very warm and loving person, Leo. It’s just that you have such a desperate need for control or for being right that you often prevent yourself from deeply falling for someone – you’re subconsciously looking for examples of how they come up short or reasons why they’re not good enough for you to give love a shot.


Gemini, you’re so busy figuring yourself out that you don’t have much time to figure someone else out too. There are plenty of romantic prospects for you, thanks to your busy social life and your fun and magnetic nature. It’s just that you don’t exactly yet know who you are and what you want, and until you figure those things out, you’re not going to fall in love very quickly or very soon.


Like Leo, you have a lot of lovable things about you, Scorpio: you’re passionate, you’re exciting, you have a magnetic energy about you. But you’re also very secretive, very private, very jealous, and very stubborn. You don’t want to be the first one to put your heart on the line and you don’t like to take romantic risks – you want the other person’s affections for you to be guaranteed before you do anything about your own. Your need for everything to pan out in a very specific way is the reason why you often struggle to fall for anyone.

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Pisces, you don’t necessarily have a hard time falling for people, thanks to your compassion and your tenderness. But you can get easily distracted with newer, exciting prospects. So you don’t necessarily fall in love slowly, it’s more so that you don’t even get the chance to go into the deeper stages of falling in love because you’re always getting distracted by the next new thing.


You’re not falling in love at 100 miles per hour, Libra, but you’re also not one to fall in love slowly. You waffle a bit in the beginning when you’re trying to figure out if this is someone you could see yourself with, but once you’re in, you’re all in.


Sagittarius, you love love. You’re always drawn to bright, happy experiences, so it’s no wonder you don’t take long to fall in love with someone. Now, once in a while, you can be blindly optimistic or get too involved too quickly, but for the most part, when you’ve found a good person, it doesn’t take much for you to be using the heart-eye emoji.

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This might be surprising to some, but you fall in love quite quickly, Aries. You love adventure, you love newness, and you love exciting experiences – so you can’t get enough of the falling stage of falling in love. And when you’ve into someone, you’re into them very quickly and very passionately. It’s just that, when the butterfly part is over, you start leaning back towards the side of you that fears commitment.


No one is surprised that you’re at the top of this list, Cancer. You fall in love very quickly, and very easily. You’re a person who is very in touch with their emotions and very drawn to those experiences (like love) that make you feel invigorated and enlivened. And even though you’ve been hurt in the past, it never stops you from falling fast.


Taurus, of all the zodiac signs, you fall in love the fastest – by far. You have a big, open heart and you’re always looking for someone to give it to. Although you’re own jealousy can sometimes get in the way down the line, when it comes to the beginning stages of a new love, nothing can stop you from jumping right away into the heart of it.

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