The Most Powerful Type of Empath? Are you a Heyoka?

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If you are an Empath, you will be able to feel and distinguish people about you by sensing their energies, because you are acutely affected intuitively by everything about you. Am Empath is much attuned to the thoughts, dreams, moods and wants of others, and it means much vaster than just being a Sensitive. It is to physically feel emotions and get spiritually urged to act. Empaths can understand the intentions and hidden incentive of people about them. You cannot learn to be an Empath. You either are, or you aren’t.

The physical traits of Empaths often surface when they are suffering from sickness or are feeling highly emotions. You may feel exhaustion and chronic fatigue, muscle aches and headaches you cannot explain. Because you fall ill frequently, you may be referred to as neurotic and be not understood by you fellows.

It is hard to understand what it is to be an Empath, but know that an Empath can pick up on the emotions of those around them and share them. They can read the actions of persons about them, and feel their feelings, making them empathetic to what others around them might be feeling.

The Most Powerful Empath

Many different stages of Empaths exist, and the highest of them all is Heyoka. This is Native American for persons who reflect the emotions of the people about them. It translates to ‘sacred joker’ or ‘fool’. Heyokas show people the path to defeat their shortcomings, by bringing to their notice their weaknesses and the error of their ways.

Heyokas may be dyslexic (mix up words or actions), or have breach births (born feet first), or look younger than they actually are.

For this, they receive a lot of negativity, and for showing people where they go wrong. But Heyokas only mean good, and their purpose is to help everyone about them. Being upset or frustrated after leaving a Heyoka is an indication that they were bringing out your faults. If you feel love, approval and fulfilled after being with a Heyoka, they may have taught you to love yourself as you are and to be happy with who you are. Their reflecting yourself back to you shows you a part of yourself that you may not even have known existed.

It seems simpler to just ignore or hide from the interaction, but Heyokas only mean to help you on your path. If you are hurting, they hurt too. If you are happy and in love, they feel happy too. To get the best out of being with a Heyoka, approach them without any bias and a willingness to listen without being upset. Look at what is mirrored to you and try to accept it. Do not become angry if you do not find what you had thought you might, and instead, accept it, and learn to use it.

A Heyoka is an old soul that is astute, and their energies are in sync with the Universe – strong, imminent and fixed. They would know what is troubling you even when you do not. Accept their gift and let it help you to grow.

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