Pictures Which Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie – Here’s How They Do It

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Pictures are the things that always show us a story, moments, beauty etc. When we look in some pictures sometimes we feel emotions, sometimes excitement, sometimes love. But, does these abstract things really exist in the “background” or in other words is photography the biggest lie?
Here are 15 pictures which show how photography is the biggest lie, find out how they do it.
1. Water Reflection

What do we have here? A process with a man laying under a basin filled with water or in other words a nice finished picture with an astonishing effect.
2. Girl Enjoying Rain

We see a girl covering herself from the rain with a giant leaf. But, does it really rain? Another fact that photography is a lie.
3. M&M’s In Water Drops

4. Water Splash Background

A sexy girl with a water splash background from the pool. But, who caused the splash?
5. Wedding Photography

A wedding photo just like from the books. But, unfortunately, it is a big lie. Does it really look like that on the second picture?
6. Surreal Miniature Photography

Picture with a story, but another prove that photography is a lie, too. A surreal place, has anyone ever passed through this door?
7. Floating

A room without gravity?
8. Photoshoot 25m Under The Sea In A Sunken Shipwreck

One more photo which looks like from the books. It’s kinda creepy, too.
9. Fox Close Up

Fox entering into the camera or maybe the otherwise?
 10. Levitation

A man trying to remain together with his flying girl. But, I think
11. Another Wedding Photography

Wedding photo like from the movies. But, I’d really like to know how much time did the photographer need to clean his feet.
12. Miniature Car Models Create Realistic Historical Photos

What a lie this picture is…but, still If those fancy cars exist today, I’d really wanna have one.
13. Splashing Roses Photography

Where can a splashing bouquet be found except on the pictures?
14. How Landscape Photos Are Really Made

The photographer of this storm picture surely was brave to be near a tornado… or maybe he is just a creative artist. Another lie of the photography combined with drawing.
15. Life In A Drop Photography

Who would’ve said that this picture is actually a desktop background? I bet no one.
There’s really a story behind the “finished” pictures, and about the pictures that show us how they’ve been made, or in other words this is a prove that photography is biggest of all lies.
We hope you enjoyed the article.
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