Introverts Don’t Hate People, They Hate Shallow Socializing

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Have you ever felt as though you simply didn’t like people in general, or that you just didn’t like socializing with people in general? If so, don’t worry: you’re not a horrible person—you’re a fully functioning introvert!
Everyone has to put-up with small talk to some degree, and although many people truly love it, many other people genuinely detest it. It’s important to note the difference between “small talk” and “talking”: small talk inherently means discussing insignificant things, whereas talking covers discussing virtually anything (and some of these things are allowed to be meaningful and significant!).

For introverts, it is actually much easier to discuss important topics that matter rather than unimportant things which are being articulated merely to pass or fill-in vacant time. But this doesn’t mean introverts must only speak to other introverts in order to enjoy a conversation. Extroverts enjoy discussing deep or at least meaningful topics as well—just not exclusively.
Although it is certainly much easier for introverts to speak freely with others of like mind, as long as they are able to steer conversations with extroverts away from substantial small talk, all individuals involved can easily enjoy the situation. So, even though many of these discussions won’t naturally shift to topics of significance if both introverts andextroverts are willing to put in the effort, both types of individuals can gain valuable knowledge and experience about life.
Moreover, this ideology is something that both opposing personalities should think carefully about. In virtually every single case, there is always something new that you can learn from someone else, and quite frequently, this information will have a positive influence on your life if you enable it to do so.
With their powers combined, introverts and extroverts can truly make the world a better place.
Without question, diversity is a great strength.

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