Intelligent People Are Guilty of These 3 Bad Habits, Psychologists Suggest

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Do you feel tired of being accused for your bad manners? Does your swearing often puts you in a bad position? Well, it’s high time you’ve started feeling happy about this.
To wake up late, to swear and to be messy are the characteristics that will make you lazy and inactive in the society.
However, studies have shown the exact opposite. These bad habits are actually related to people with higher IQ and intelligence:
To wake up late
Psychology Today has published a study in which certain animals are followed through their daily activities. The activity is called ‘circadian rhythm’ and tells you the time when you should fall asleep or wake up.
On the other side, humans have the ability to choose whether they will override this rhythm and consciously decide to stay late or wake up late. This allows humans to choose between being morning people or night owls.
One analysis on group of young Americans showed that the less intelligent ones went to sleep early and woke up early. In contrary, the others which were more intelligent woke up late because of their activity to stay up late in the night.
Important and intelligent people like Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley had the habit to stay up late and act like night owls.
To swear
It’s a stereotypic moment of accusing someone that he is stupid because of his swearing. During the history, people who swore a lot were considered to be less intelligent and in a lack of vocabulary.
But in fact, a study at Marist College stated in New York, explains that people who have scored the highest IQ are swearing a lot more than the ones who do not swear. Speaking of which, these people are believed to have a bigger vocabulary than the others.
The study further adds the conscious manners of the people who swear in contrary to the ones who don’t. It says that people who avoid swearing are actually avoiding expressing their true selves; in contrary to the ones who swear, they are more open and honest.
To swear means to release the stress and the sad emotions gathered inside of you.
To have a messy room
Minnesota University has a psychologist who exposes the very thin link between having a messy room and being intelligent. People who lack enough time to clean their room, actually are determined to do something significantly more important to them.
Messy environment creates a more creative way for people to act and emphasize new ideas during the day. So, during the times when your books are all over on the floor instead of being on the shelves, you are actually become an out-of-the-box thinker.
According to Kathleen Voghs, the messy environment actually says that people avoid the conventional way of thinking.

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