When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her to Live without You

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If you want a woman to want you, you’ve got to play hard to get. You’ve got to treat her like dirt, and always keep her wanting more.
Although this advice has likely existed ever since dating itself has, for the good of the universe, don’t listen to it—you’ll be far better off doing the exact opposite!
Give it all some thought. Some close, meaningful thought.
When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her to Live without You
If you genuinely care about a woman, then why would you ignore her? There is also age-old advice floating around out there that warns against being “too forward,” or “too direct”: but if you really think about it, why wouldn’t you be honest about your true feelings and intentions? You may be too shy or you may be too scared, but we all know that the truth will come out eventually. And one old saying that is correct is “the truth shall set you free” (at least more often than not).
The main point is that ultimately the truth will come out, and it’s almost always more efficient and effective for everyone involved if all truths are known from the start. You may be able to grow closer to your partner as the relationship carries on, but you will inevitably grow far closer by growing together, with genuine honesty and trust from day one.
More specifically, put your cellphone away when you are with her: she will be far less tempted to take hers out, and far more likely to reciprocate your respect and attention. Instead of texting or web browsing to fill moments of awkwardness, speak to the woman you are with—even about the feeling of awkwardness—and these universal emotions that both of you are probably experiencing will dissipate, rather than expand.
If a woman does not feel as though you are “present,” she will not feel the need to remain in your presence. Why not find out if another man is better at living in reality? Or, why not live in reality alone and not have to worry about the barely noticeable distraction which is you?
Again, give it all some close, meaningful thought.

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