If You Find Yourself Posting Workout Selfies on Social Media You Definitely Have Psychological Problems

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Brunel University’s newest study had come up with results that indicate the activity of the people on social media and what they share on a daily basis. In fact, people who constantly upload photos and videos of what they eat and how much they exercise are narcissists.
We all witness so many personal posts while scrolling up and down the Facebook Newsfeed that we may get lost in our phone and computer screens for hours. From guys who try to show off their perfect muscles and abs on their bodies, to people who will more likely put peculiar things in blender and make a so called smoothie, or the ‘healthy drink’.
But the real question that affects all of these people is where they get the desire to post this stuff?
Narcissism is the best explanation to this kind of behavior. It is related to people who aren’t self confident, people who want more attention than the others. They, in fact, are looking for some sort of approval from the others.
In October, 2015, a study-research was made on 500 Facebook users by few psychologists. The psychologists’ purpose was to find out how much time the participants spend on the Social Networks, what makes them spend that amount of time and what do they get from all of it?
Even 285 of the total number of participants, answered that the only online platform they usually spend their time is Facebook.  On average, they are ‘attached’ to this network 1.7 hours per day, or 107.95 minutes.
What does the Big Five Model of Personality represent?
This model introduces us to the individual’s changeable behavior in 5 significant stages:
-Being open to experience new things
-Enjoying the presence of other people around
-Being able to agree on things
The psychologists used this method to find out which of these 5 states the participants are related to; and to get information from them of what they like to post on Social Networks the most.

People who enjoy being around other people, love to post about their daily, social activeness, rather than anything else. The intellectual topics are something that you will definitely find posted by this kind of people.
The narcissists, on the other hand, will absolutely show off their physical appearance, their daily routines related to the fitness and gym and how they work hard to create a perfect sample of themselves. By posting those kinds of photos and videos, they bring up the importance of the physical fitness. You will most likely read about their struggling to make the perfect muscles, and how they will continue doing what they’ve started.
One researcher stated that many people will compliment their friend’s success on the fitness field, but they may not like their big self-confidence.
However, discovering the feelings of people with low self-esteem and why they are constantly posting about their loved ones was probably the best part of the research.
The researcher got to the point where he noted that these people are in a constant fear of losing their loved ones and they have the urge to post things related to their relationship. They somehow feel threatened that the relationship in which they are involved will vanish or fall apart. After posting something about their partner, they feel more protected and calm.
An advice given by the researcher to these people is to become more mature in the relationships they have. To respect and understand what the others think and produce in the relationship and to be equally satisfied by the fact that someone is in love and wants to be with you.
What makes the narcissists to constantly post their activities online?
To fail or to reveal their weakness is the biggest fear of the narcissists. Therefore, they go online and post every tiny activity on the social media, by focusing on no one but themselves. This way they feel important and their lack of confidence is hidden.
The studies had shown that narcissists will do these things on the social media:
-They will be posting things online all the time; they can be seen online most of the time but they don’t tend to comment on other’s posts or like them.
-The only posts they will probably like are the posts related to theirs. Only if they brighten their ego.
-Use Snapchat all the time! They can post selfies every other minute in so many different poses.
-The only thing they may promote is themselves.
-You cannot imagine what they can post so just to get attention.
After reading all of this, what is the best description of yourself?

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