How to Spot a Narcissist and Avoid Being Manipulated!

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Narcissists have a compelling need for admiration and a lack of empathy for other people. They believe the world evolves around them.
They have a great sense of self-importance and exaggerate their accomplishments for which they ask excessive admiration. In addition, narcissists view themselves as better and more important compared to those around them.
That’s not all, they have an arrogant attitude because of their sense of entitlement and lack of empathy for others. However, they are able to hide this when they want. Also, they have exceptional manipulation skills that help them deceive others and play the “victim.”
4 Traits of Narcissists to Help You Spot Them and Avoid Being Manipulated:
They Manipulate Others
Narcissists usually manipulate others. They simply try to confuse or intimidate others to finally agree to what they want.
They view everything as a win-lose situation because they are competitive and do not like to lose.
They Often Play the Victim
Even though they are excellent manipulators, they won’t allow you to notice it since they often play the victim. They are likeable and charming, so they are difficult to spot.
They also use empathy in order to get what they want by taking advantage of others. When they hurt someone, they once again use manipulation and then play the victim card in order to blame others.
They Always Blame Others
Narcissists do not admit their fault. They become defensive as well as shift the blame to others. They may keep on questioning others and twisting their words until they doubt if it is really their fault. Once others try to defend themselves, narcissists will say that others do not take responsibility for their actions.
They Often Interrupt a Conversation
With these people, almost everything should be around them all the time. This means that in case they aren’t involved in a conversation topic, they may suddenly interrupt and refocus the whole thing back to them. They do not bother to listen to anyone because they do not care about others.
Narcissists want to dominate the conversation. That’s why they often speak about and exaggerate their achievements. For narcissists, those that do not cooperate in the conversation are a threat they have to deal with.

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