Google glass – Things to know before going for the catch!

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Most of us have a faint idea about Google glass and its potential, but not all are aware of this yet. The developers are still working on it. But, enthusiasts can hardly wait for the final product, so they are trying it out now. Some are wearing it in their daily life, whereas some are trying it out while going for some kind of adventure sports.
It almost gives you a James Bond like feeling because mostly you have seen him using these types of sci-fi gadgets. So many questions are there in your mind regarding its functions, its availability and its affordability. If you are staying in the US or UK, you are amongst the luckiest few who can witness the Google glass and feel it for real, but it is not available for people staying in the other part of the world.
Highlights of Google Glass
People are waiting for the Google glass to release worldwide so that they can make use of it. Here are ten highlights for all the Google glass enthusiasts–

  1. A tiny but robust hardware has been packed into a sturdy frame. The frame is strong but light in weight, so you won’t face any problem in wearing it for a long time.
  2. Google Glass comes with Bluetooth, GPS, camera, Wi-Fi, speakers, touchpad, microphone and many other features. Overall, you can say that Google has wrapped its smartphone in this glass.
  3. You can activate Google Now just by tilting your head up. It acts as per your voice command.
  4. Capture the moment without missing a second. Just say “Take a Photo” and your Google glass will oblige.
  5. Google glass will allow video group conference using the data connection of your smartphone anywhere in the world. So, now you won’t have to stay confined to your desk, instead you are free to do any activity you want while taking the call.
  6. It provides you with the access to Google maps right in front of your eyes, so no need to take out your smartphone for that.
  7. The Google glass will help you with the languages you don’t speak with the help of Google search. It will translate what’s written in a foreign language on the spot.
  8. Latest updates on your sports team, traffic update, weather update and other interesting facts will pop up on the Google glass.
  9. The good news is that the Google glass is compatible with both Android and iPhone.
  10. The price of the Google Glass is said to be around $1,500.

Take it or leave it – is the big question!
The price is on the higher side, but it is packed with in numerous features. The Google glass now comes with 2GB RAM, apps like Live Stream and Shazam, updated app list, 5MP photo camera, head tracking navigation and much more exciting stuff like this.
You can find the battery resting behind your right ear. Though the battery is quite visible because of the size, the performance is rather disappointing. Another major problem with the Google glass is that it starts getting air bubbles in hot and humid location.
Though the Google glass seems overwhelming with all the features tucked in it, but still, it needs a lot of work before it can be released. Till date, you can say that it is more of a developer’s toy than a real thing. Even the price is too high for the masses. It is slated to release by the end of this year, so before that, they need to fix all the issues.

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