Every 12 Noon, No One Is Allowed To Swim In This Enchanted River In The Philippines! Here’s Why!

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Do you believe in enchanted rivers or do you think you’re too old for that because it only exists in fairy tales and fictional movies? Well, dream no more as we give you a glimpse of Hinatuan Enchanted River located at Surigao del Sur in the Philippines.
Found in Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan River is now getting a lot of attention for its deep spring river that flows towards the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The said river was once referred to as “enchanted” by Diplomat Modesto Farolan in his poem entitled Rio Encantado.

In 1999, Alex Santos discovered the Hinatuan River, eleven years after its discovery an underground river was explored by three divers lead by Dr. Alfonso Amores in February 2010; this leads to the discovery its hidden underground cave opening that is about 30 meters deep.
Unfortunately, Dr, Amores suffered a cardiac arrest last June 17, 2014 after failing to get out of the narrow entrance of the underwater cave. He suffered heart attack while swimming the 40-meter-deep tunnel. After that tragic event, other exploration on the cave was already prohibited.
n March 2015, one of the divers who explored the enchanted river with Dr. Amores, Bernil Gastardo initiated to investigate it once again together with the University of San Carlos – Biology Department and DENR-BMB.
Because of Hinatuan River’s extraordinary colours and unexplored depths, many local urban legends and myths were brought up by nearby villagers. Some said that fairies are the ones behind the mesmerizing colours of jade and sapphire from the river while other says that engkatos are living on the said place that is why it looks so magical.
If you’re planning to take a tour in the Hinatuan River, you have to keep in mind that the place is closed to public at 12 noon every day. Not because of any rituals, but because this is the feeding time for thousands of fish living in such majestic body of water.
The one feeding the fishes is reportedly playing the Hymn of Hinatuan to get the attention of the fishes. Below is a video clip of this amazing 12 noon routine:

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