Empaths Pay Attention – These Crystals Will Change Your Life

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Until a few years ago, hardly anyone knew what being an Empath meant. Thankfully, all that is changing now, slowly but surely. Earlier, there was not much publicly accessible material on being an Empath, who you were, why did you react to your environment in the way you do and how to become a stronger individual. Empaths are much more sensitive to their environment, including the people around them. They get easily affected by negative vibes and their aura is constantly struggling by being in contact with others. Now this can be quite exhausting, and that is why Empaths need a little bit of help in order to reach their inner light, be stronger from within and reach their true potential. Meditation and spending time alone definitely helps, in fact taking time out for yourself is the best you can do as an Empath. Additionally, there are also certain external energy sources which can help in making you feel better. Gemstones are one such things; they help the Empath in being centered and grounded. They strengthen the aura and it is a very good idea to have them on you, wherever you go.

Without any more digressions, here are the four gemstones which experts recommend, and which I have found helpful, in my personal experience as well.

traditionally Hematite is mined as the or for iron. It is either completely black, or could be steel colored or silver in appearance. It is one of the most effective gemstones when it comes to protecting the aura of an individual. It helps in keeping the Empath grounded, and it does so by streamlining their emotions and soothing the inner turmoil. This helps you and keeps you in control and helps improve your focus.

Fluorite is a form of fluoride. It is made up of fluoride and calcium and originally has a colorless appearance. It helps by deflecting stress and electromagnetic smog. It is very helpful if you wish to create and also maintain boundaries in a relationship. Best of all, it gives you the strength to avoid and overcome unnecessary drama.
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has always been associated with spiritual energy and also repelling dark forces. It is a very good protection against psychic attacks and negative influences. It is specifically helpful when you find yourself in a highly charged situation.

Citrine has very strong regenerative properties and is highly valued for that. It is known to be very empowering for the Empath as it helps protect the aura. Empaths are highly sensitive to the energy in their environment and absorb it through their solar plexus. Citrine protects this entrance.
As mentioned before, you can either wear them or carry them on you, in your bag or pockets. Additionally, they can also be kept in a room where you know the environment is always very highly charged. If you need the energy flowing through you even when you travel, you can also place one on your photo back home. Just remember to have your Crystal clean, do it whichever way you like, salt water, sage anything that suits you.

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