Choose One Of These Ancient Symbols And Reveal Answers To Your Current Situation

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You’ve surely seen one of these images before. They’re ancient symbols that have brought good luck and prosperity since the beginning of time. Each one of them has an emotional charge, which is linked to the current situation of the person who chooses it.
Which of these 5 symbols do you choose?
1. The “North Star”

Stop delaying that project you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to work for that vision you’ve had for a long time. Concentrate on how to achieve it and imagine it as vividly as possible. That way, you’ll make it a reality.
2. The “Trinity”

You’re at a crossroads for one simple reason: right now, there’s a strong influence over you, it’s an external energy, which is driving you to do or decide something that you’re still not convinced about. The best thing to do is meditate and think about the consequences of any decision you make. You’ll see that by dealing with the consequences with a cool head and clean heart, you’ll find the best way out of this dilemma.
3. The “Magic”

Have you ever felt that things are happening to you “almost by magic”? In this moment of your life, there are countless blessings, showering down on you. Even if you can’t see them, people around you can, and they’re dying to join you on that path! Don’t worry, learn to enjoy the moment, cast your fears aside, and open up to the possibilities that fortune is giving you.
4. The “Spinning Wheel”

We have a vital question for you at this moment in your life: are you living the way you wish to? If the answer is no, then it’s time to make creative changes, because the energy is there for us to make it work in our favor. If the answer is yes, then all you need to do is listen to your intuition, since good things are already lining up to be part of your life.
5. The Hindu “Om”

Right now, maybe, you find yourself waiting for an answer or result. Don’t forget to thank the universe for receiving what you wish. Even if you don’t get it, this is also the reason to be thankful, because sometimes, we only realize later on that something we wanted so much would have turned out to be a bad thing. Don’t forget to be grateful to yourself for your good deeds and the life around you.

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