Which Animal Did You See First

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1. If You See Duck
You’re 100% Optimistic You are always full of joy and happiness & are an optimistic. You always look on the bright side of life! Whatever situation you find yourself in, you always find the silver lining and bring happiness wherever you go! Not only do you have a joyful personality, you also have a very creative imagination – you tend to think of life as a unique and limitless gift! When you are faced with major issues, you tackle them head on and try your best to not let them effect your positive outlook. You know that life can’t always be roses!

2. If You see Rabbit
You’re 100% Realistic You have an incredibly charismatic personality, and people admire you for your rational thinking. You take pride that your life is incredibly organized, and you would rather have everything scheduled than just going with the flow.
In life you understand what’s realistic, and you expect others to work together as a team to get the best result. You are very logical, which is why people always want you to be on their team.
You decide quickly what you deem is the best for you and your friends and have great confidence in your choices you make. When it comes to obstacles, you face them head on without hesitation – after all, you are surrounded by the greatest team there is – YOURS!
3. If You See Both
You’re 50% Optimistic & 50% Realistic Not only are you a positively wonderful person to be around, you also have a great energy about you too! Because of your incredibly social spirit, you get a long with people well and are able to help people with the problems they have in life with realistic solutions that they can follow through with.
Personally, you enjoy being creative, but know there’s a time and a place for fun – when you are faced with an issue, you can put your happy-go-lucky personality on hold and work on the problem at hand to get it done!
You are able to separate your work life and home life which is something many people wish they can do – you’re so lucky that you can control your inner peace so effortlessly!

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