According to Shamans There Are 4 Main Causes of A Spiritual Disease

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It is not as easy to deal with spiritual problems as it is to deal with physical ones. When you are in physical pain, you can take some medicine or see a doctor. With spiritual illness, the best thing to do is turn to a priest, mentor or shaman.

Shamans are more conscious about the world around us. They are very empathic and can see right through you. You do not even have to tell them, what is wrong with you because they will feel it a mile away. Shamans use the ancient wisdom to cure even the most demanding spiritual problems.

Shamans do not believe in western medicine when it comes to problems with soul. One must find what is wrong with the spirit and treat it in the right way.

According to Shamans There Are 4 Main Causes of A Spiritual Disease-Cover

There are four leading causes that shamans blame for spiritual illnesses:


Shamans believe, that fear holds us back in life and it is also one of the rotting agents. Living in fear and anxiety brings a lot of negativity to your life and can make you very ill. Shamans think that all of us need to have more courage to accomplish the things we truly desire and not live in fear and darkness. When we do what we like, our mind is happy and free of stress.


We, humans, are meant to grow and develop all their lives. But we must focus on both – the physical and the spiritual state of mind. We cannot only work with one part of ourselves because there needs to be a balance. Find this balance is sometimes hard, but it is essential to listen to your soul and do as you feel right. We have an intuition for a reason, so use it.


Sometimes it is hard to listen to your body and act the way it tells you to. For example, when you are a runner you need to train hard, even if your body gives you signals to slow down. It is okay to push yourself from time to time, but it is essential to listen to your body and understand when it is not okay anymore.


The loss of a soul happens, when you have not connected to your inner self anymore. The symptoms include depression, negativity, despair, emotional remoteness, the feeling of incomplete, lack of motivation, lack of happiness, not being able to focus nor remember things. With soul loss, it is essential to take a step back and put your priorities straight. Take some time to think about what you want in life and how to get there without destroying yourself first.

Health, including spiritual health, is one of the essential things in life. You can have tons of money, a good career or a lot of friends, but if things are not okay inside you, you cannot be truly happy. It is essential to take time and focus on yourself. Make yourself a priority and deal with your spiritual illnesses, because without treatment they will only get worse.


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