9 Signs That You Belong To The 2% Group Of The Rare Personality: INTJ

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Do you know why some people are exceptionally famous and successful and some are not Have you ever wondered why you are not among those people? What differentiates these people from other people? The answer to all your questions is INTJ personality.

INTJ personality type is the buzzword in the media nowadays. INTJ personality is part of Meyer Briggs Personality types which is constantly used to describe successful people around the world. INTJ stands for Introvert, Intuition, Thinking and Judgment. Here are some of the traits which people with these personalities possess, read to find out if you are one of them.

Famous personalities like Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook), Stephen Hawking, Beethoven, Jay-Z and many other people are known to possess this personality. Even movie characters like Batman and Katniss Everdeen from Hunger games have been portrayed with INTJ personality.


You are an introvert person and like to keep your thoughts to yourself. You have a calm and reserved personality and don’t like loud and bold people. You feel that people who are always telling about themselves to others are loud and obnoxious. You like quiet surrounding and share your thoughts and feelings with only a few selected people. You don’t mix up easily with people. You like to keep your business to yourself and don’t like bragging about it. You see your work as something enigmatic and don’t like people talking about it which help in your success

Tech Lovers

You like all the gadgets and technology is your best friend. You like to have all the latest gadgets and like to keep yourself updated with the recent updates. You have got all the information about the latest launch of iPhone X or the Skyrim launching in Android systems. Technology is your way of exploring yourself without being loud and extrovert.


Do you have opinions on anything and everything? Have you ever slapped someone because you thought what they said was wrong? Well, if it is true for you, then you are certainly part of INTJ personality.  INTJ’s are very direct and do not think before speaking which makes them look arrogant and hurtful. Although they have no intention of hurting people with their actions, mostly they end up doing so.

Leader of All

An INTJ is born to lead.  If you have been a leader all your life and people inadvertently listen to you without your much effort, then you must belong to INTJ category. They have a unique charm which attracts people to them and is guided by them.

Criticism is your Ally

While people live off flattery and compliments, you are the exact opposite of these people. You like to live off criticism and try to find out your flaws to improve yourself. You don’t idealize perfection but are always trying for self-improvement.

You love being Different

You are different and you love it. This trait makes INTJ significantly different from the other 15 Meyer Briggs personality types. They accept the fact that they are different and like to make jokes on themselves. If they are fat, they love being fat.

High Principles

INTJ have high principles on which they base their decisions and choices. They always abide by their principles and do not deviate from them. They have a disciplined life and high morals. They take responsibility for their actions and stick to their ethics and beliefs.

Curious Researcher

Whenever an INTF find an interesting topic, they immediately start researching about it and find out its history, creation and other facts. You even go to the extent of buying books relating to the field and contacting the experts in the field. You are curious by nature and love to learn. This aspiration able you to learn about a vast variety of things and makes you succeed without you knowing about it.

Die Hard Romantic

You are a very romantic person and believe that you will find your one soul mate with whom you will spend your entire life. Only one person is made for you and you try to find him/her. You don’t like to date or flirt since you are that one woman guy. You would rather stay home and watch “The Notebook” than flirting with girls/boys.

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