8 Tips To Protect Your Aura From Negativity

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Every living being on planet Earth possesses its own unique aura. Your aura represents your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

A person’s aura is at risk of many things here in this world. Worry not my friends, as there are ways you can strengthen, and protect your aura from any source of negative influence. Protecting your aura is actually much simpler than you imagined it would be.

Also, if you have developed your intuition or already have a rather developed intuition, then you are also susceptible and you can pick up negative energy or even negative entities. During the day, we accumulate and retain a lot of energy garbage that is generated by the waste of ours and others used by the psychic or physical energy, and various emotional states which, like dark spots, remain stuck on our aura making it dark and dirty. That’s why we feel negative, depressed, sick, tired and drowsy, we have insomnia, etc.

In this article, we will present you eight common ways to protect yourself and cleanse your aura from negative energy.

8 Ways Of Protecting Your Aura:

1.Remember to Cleanse Your Aura

You can use sound or any other method you find suitable. Some tones have the ability to clean our energy from our auras. Find a Tibetan ball with healing sounds, handheld ringtones, bongo drums, or sound forks with a soothing tone. These healing instruments will cleanse your energy and you can feel better after you hear the tone.

2.Carry Black Tourmaline With You

Black tourmaline is one of the most well known crystals for protection against negative energy. Chances are you that will experience a great difference when carrying black tourmaline around with you. You can also find jewelry with this crystal as well. Just be sure to discharge the negative energy tourmaline absorbs occasionally otherwise it will stop working.

3.Smudge Regularly

Smudging will eliminate all the blockages you have, which can significantly affect your energy. This can cause mood swings, unbalanced emotional relationships you have with others that you cannot get rid of, behavioral changes in children, etc. After the detoxification and cleaning process, you will return to balance.

4.Create Protective Bubble

A protection bubble is something you create during meditation. It is the most commonly used way to protect the aura that you need to be doing almost every day after awakening to become connected with the Universe and start your day in a positive rhythm.

Just imagine a white light descending from the Universe. It comes to the crown chakra of your body, and then it flows over you and flows down through your feet. White protective bubbles now surround you. White is the color of purity and therefore very protective. Now, when your bubble is around you, you are protected from any negative energy that comes to you.

5.Carry A Piece Of Charcoal

Carrying charcoal will help you to remain more grounded as it brings you more harmonized with Mother Earth. This is a simple and effective way to protect your aura. Just make sure you have a charcoal in your pocket, and carry it with you during your day.

6.Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Emotions In You

If you are carrying negative thoughts or emotions deep inside, you need to discard them and live as a pure human being. Bringing yourself down brings your aura down, so you need to stop this psychological pattern. This negative habit affects badly the people around you as well, not just you.

7.Stay Grounded

Being grounded means your energy is truly connected with Mother Earth. There are many ways to ground yourself. You can simply hug a tree. Trees have incredible power that instantly removes all negative energy, sometimes for just a minute or two.

Another way to ground is to carry a piece of hematite with you. You can also wear it as jewelry. Wearing red is a good idea too, as red is connected to your coral chakra, which would also help you to ground.

8.Sea Salt Baths

A sea salt bath is a great way to purify your aura. This will get remove any negative energy that might be blocking you on your path towards happiness. Whenever you are feeling drained this is a sure sight you need a nice relaxing sea salt bath.

Final thoughts

It is important that you work on protecting aura daily, especially if you or your children are empathetic and if you absorb the energy of other people. A clean aura is highly charismatic and will allow you to create better relationships with others.

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