8 Hints That A Woman Hasn’t Made Love For a Long Time

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Making love is an important part of a relationship and has multiple benefits on a person’s health. In fact, not getting enough sex can have adverse effects on your well-being. It can cause depression, loneliness, high blood pressure, and many other negative effects. Women suffer more in this regard.

Here are a few signs that a woman has not been making love as much as she should, and has been feeling far too lonely for it.

1.She stops respecting herself

When a woman does not get sex, when it is not even an option for her, it can really be a blow to her self-confidence. It affects how she sees herself and causes her to wonder if she’ll ever find ‘the one’ in her life.

2.Memory power gets decreased

When a lady’s whole focus gets shifted to the lack of love-making in your life, it causes her to get distracted and to forget her daily tasks. She would spend her time and effort in trying to end this dry phase of her life, and thus end up losing motivation in living fully in other parts of her life.

3.Lack of Sleep

Sex is an excellent stress buster. Not getting enough of it can lead to high blood pressure and affect your sleep. And of course, not getting enough sleep inbound to affect all other parts of your life.

4.She falls sick more often

Love making improves a person’s immune system. Having sex more than once a week can cause your immunoglobulin to increase by up to 35%! This not only makes your immune system stronger, it also makes you physically stronger.

5.Don’t use medications to improve your performance

You might imagine that taking drugs will improve your sexual performance. After all, that’s what the drugs advertise when they promote themselves. Turn to medications only if your doctor has advised you to do so. Self-medicating can lead to adverse effects which can ruin your sex drive.

6.Social Isolation

Not getting enough sex leads to the woman wanting to avoid all social outings. You would imagine that she would want to go out so that meeting her chances of meeting her significant other would increase, but it makes her unhappy and anti-social instead.

7.Weight Gain

Making love is an intense workout! You can burn about 500 calories a week, just by having sex! This, of course, implies that not having sex will lead to weight gain.

8.She looks older

When the woman doesn’t get enough sex, it reflects on her stress levels and causes her to age faster.

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