7 Signs You Have Surely Found The Ideal Lifetime Companion For You

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Sometimes we get so caught up searching for the perfect love that we finally settle and settling is really something no one should ever do. The very idea about being in love is to find your soul mate or even your twin flame, right? So we ask ourselves why there are so many people marrying those who do not deserve them?

Speaking of soul mates or twin flames, while they are several differences between the two, you will feel a deep connection regardless of which one you have met. It will be raw and somewhat unexplainable, unlike anything else you have ever felt before. If you think you may have found your lifetime partner, but still aren’t exactly sure, we suggest you check out the list below. If the person you are seeing with is giving you all of these 7 things then you can be rest assures they are the ONE for you.

1.They put you first on their VIP list.

For the first time in a while, you have met a person who puts you above all else in their life. This is not to say they choose you over themselves but they would gladly give up many things for your well being if it was necessary. Such a person sees the real you and appreciates you for who you are in unique ways like no one else does.

2.This person understands you like no else in the world does.

Finally, you feel truly understood, something that you needed your whole lifetime. This person just gets you in all the possible ways you have wished for. This deep understanding works in both directions, as you understand the other person just as well. Not needing too many words, you just ‘get’ each other.

3.Being with such a person is almost too easy.

Being with this special somebody is not as complicated as many of your past relationships have been. It is as if being together comes as natural to you as breathing. You shouldn’t even waste time asking yourself why it is so. You simply deserve one another.

4.You both think in a very similar way.

You have so much in common with this person that at times, it gets a bit scary. You two say and do things that are almost in synchronicity. You may even find yourself finishing each other’s sentences on multiple occasions.

5.You believe them, you truly believe them.

Having trust in one another is the foundation of any prosperous relationship. There is not a single reason not to trust this person, and they seem to cherish the trust you have for them. They bear the same level of deep trust in you as well. In your heart, you don’t feel as if this person could ever hurt you and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would never hurt them.

6.They make you feel as much comfortable as it gets.

When this person is near you, you feel secure due to their presence. When you spend time with each other, you know that even when you are dealing with a terrible day, everything will end up just fine. Being with this person allows you to become the happiest you have been in a long time.

7.This person challenges you to become a better you.

In life, we should all strive to be better than we used to be. This person encourages you to fully develop your potential and become the best version of yourself. You influence the other person in a similar way. You too push your SO and grow together to become who you were both meant to be. However, while this person is a rather challenge for you, he or she does not force you into doing anything.

Someone who has a genuine love for you will not force you into doing anything, ever. For them, it is quite enough that you are together in love.

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