7 Signs That May Indicate That There Is An Angel Near You

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Angels are on a different vibration frequency of people, and many of us are not able to see, although they can feel their presence.
Angels in a specific way inform people about their presence and it is not necessary for someone to be very religious or to strongly believe in angels to feel the presence of angels.
Who are angels?
How our lives are affected by higher beings such as angels, spirits or demigods? Sometimes we feel protected just as a guardian angel is protecting us, and sometimes we are wrapped with cold, confusion, fear, and we do not know why we’re doing something. There are many subtle influences in our environment and it is important to know how to recognize them.
In God’s creation there are many dimensions. There is low hell planet, middle planet, higher, heavenly kingdom and the spiritual world. There are numerous representatives of the Most High who are superior to us, whose nature is subtle, but they are not God. The angels and demigods fall into that category. They monitor events in the material world. Sometimes people mistakenly consider demigods for authorized representatives of God, or even God himself. Angels are God-fearing, and demigods. They differ from the demigods in that they do not take up administrative positions.
Various scriptures mention angels and demigods. Let’s start with the Bible. Demigods and angels are material beings, or subtle material beings of earthlings.
The demigods and angels take responsibility for assistance in creating a divine entity being in the material universe. The demigods are the ones who say: “Let’s create man in his own image and likeness. Create a being in his own image and likeness, which has the ability to advance spiritually. Improve the position of earthlings in order to have more opportunities to strive for God. ”
As Earthlings, we are not part of the original creation. Living things on this planet are part of the secondary creation. It is like a drama in which after the first act curtain closes. Then goes the second act curtain and re-close. Similarly, the material universe is always at the creation, maintenance and destruction, and then the curtain closes. Then the whole process repeats itself over and over again. Only the spiritual realm is there always, smooth transience of time.
Ghosts are not angels
There is a difference between angels and other beings like ghosts. The spirit can be incarnated being, a being that is not transferred in the following physical body. Although there is no physical body, the desire for sense pleasures remains. Therefore, they are trying to make one’s physical body and use it. Spirit works wickedness and basically has the same mentality as it had in its previous incarnation. The spirit is very evil and nasty person who will cause the same distress as when he was in a physical body. Spirit will intimidate. If present in your room, you will feel a breeze. If you touch it, you will feel cold.
When you come into contact with the angel, it does not happen because the angel is lost as a spirit; Angel has a special task. It can you give the blessing, warning, guidance and even protection. Angel does not try to get into you and use your physical body for his sense gratification, nor do evil on your account. The presence of the angel gives a feeling of warmth, security, comfort and refreshment. Angels are always helping the material universes.
Angels in Action
Sometimes it is difficult to determine the difference between a well-intentioned guide as an angel and being that has a selfish plan. An easy way to evaluate these creatures is to find out whether they are pious or impious. Pious wish to help. Ungodly are literally trying to cause a delay in your life. If you have contact with the special pious life force, do not waste time trying to determine the exact type of angel. There are angels who are like babies or children, angels who are in appearance of a woman or a man, and those who do not have sex. These properties are not important. What is important is the message and how to take advantage of this message. It is also important that the contact for you is favorable or unfavorable. If you attract situations of destructive nature, you have to get rid of such gatherings. If you hear voices that you fear, you must decide how you can elevate.
Angel is vibrant and full of brilliant colors. This will help in difficult situations, provides a great sense of peace. When someone has a near-death experience, or is in a trance or coma, Angel can intervene and ensure that the person does not leave the body. Angels communicate with the person, telling to come back to the body and finish certain tasks and describe these tasks. Events such as these are always taken place and will continue to take place.
Angels appear today in our time, especially to protect children. Sometimes children see them and talk about them. People who are sensitive or have supernatural powers also see them. Some people are aware of the angels as constant companions who accompanies them most of their life. Others are angels appearing to get them out of trouble.
Some of you have heard of Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and many other angels who became famous for their activities. They protect and love to help living beings in this and in other material universes. Angels do not necessarily reside in one space because they have the ability to move into other areas.
7 signs that may indicate that there is an angel near you:
1.Unexpected change of the room temperature
If you feel a sudden rush of warm air or warm aura that surrounds you, the angel is somewhere near you. You can also feel tingling in the neck.
2.Mysterious odor appeared from nowhere
It is a strange smell that you never felt before, and probably not be able to identify.
3.Appear different colored lights
If you see a beam of light that reaches from across the room or you notice the shadows, do not be afraid, you will not see angels as long as you are not ready for it, and the angels do not want to harm you.
4.Hear angelic voices that are trying to communicate with you
If you hear a voice as a whisper that is very vague, send a mental message to the angel to speak louder. Do not immediately assume that the angelic voice you hear is just a figment of your imagination.
5.White feathers appear in places where you least expect it
This is a real sign that angels are with you and are ready to answer your prayers.
6.Angels appear in your dream with a solution to a specific problem
In the morning you will feel more positive and you will be sure of what you need to do.
7.You feel as if someone had just walked past you or standing right next to you
The angels will often make their presence obvious. It often happens when you are in a store or library books, asking for help, and suddenly the book falls from the shelf right in front of you.
This is all the work of angels, believe in them and you’ll get more characters.
They are there to help us on our path of life.

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