6 Ways You Can Spot A Fake Relationship And Get Over It (#2 Is Crucial)

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At the beginning of a relationship, everything seems to be perfect. You are madly and deeply in love with this person whom you have met a few days back. It feels like you have met your soulmate. But, are you completely sure that the person you are dating is really your soulmate? There will be times when you will be questioning your own selection due to some recent developments or the person’s behavioural traits. You are not able to see any future with this person even though you have not grown out of love with the person.
The thought of losing that person scares you to death and you simply ignore the signs that indicate you are in a fake relationship. Don’t ignore these calls. We are giving out 6 signs to help you understand whether your relationship is true or not.

1.Absence of chemistry
You might get attracted to someone and feel that love has stuck, but that is not always the case. Attraction can happen anytime, but if both of you do not have the chemistry going for you then it is a sign that you are in a fake relationship.
When you start feeling the presence of the person you love, even in their absence, then you will know that it is your true love. Both of you are on the same page and that chemistry will be visible to others. They will talk about how well both of you gel as a couple. If your individuality overpowers the relationship, then this is not true love.
2.Your partner doesn’t appreciate your qualities
As human beings, we have to deal with professional and personal issues in our daily life. Our relationship serves as the escape route where our significant others make us feel important and precious. A compliment on how we look or how good we are at cooking makes our day. But, what if these magic words go missing from our life?
Our dullest of moments can be turned into a cheerful one by compliments from our near and dear ones. If you and your partner complement each other every now and then, it is a sign that both of you are in a happy relationship. If you don’t feel like complimenting your partner or your partner is not complimenting you enough, then you are not in the right relationship.
3.Your existence is at stake
In every relationship, space is important. You can love someone madly, but that doesn’t give you the right to interfere in that person’s life every time. But, on the other hand, if you are given space to the extent of ignorance, then it is also a sign that there is something wrong in your relationship.
Yes, they have their friends and family, but that doesn’t mean they will ignore you and treat you as if you don’t exist. If your love is not investing in the relationship, then take the cue and call off before getting more involved.
4.Making up excuses on their behalf
If you fall sick and they don’t even bother to meet you or call you to know about your health, then will you term it as a healthy relationship? Not just about health, if your partner is avoiding you on all occasions and making excuses to avoid meeting you alone, then your friends and family will also start questioning your partner’s intention.
This should bother you more than anybody; still, you are defending your partner in front of others! These are signs that you should notice and move on because it is certainly not your true love.
5.Have trouble communicating
Do you have to prepare yourself before starting a conversation with your partner? Then you are facing a communication void. Have you ever felt uncomfortable in sharing your thoughts with your partner? Are you able to communicate your thoughts crystal clear with your partner? If your answer is No for all the questions, then most definitely the person is not your soulmate. If you are in true love, then your partner will read your thoughts without you speaking a single word. Don’t you think it is a sign?
6.Afraid of lifetime commitment
When you are in a true relationship, you and your partner will plan the whole life together starting from vacation to making the investment and also the marriage plan. If you are not doing that with your partner, then something is amiss in your relationship.
Have you ever tried to bring up the topic of marriage? How has he reacted to it? If he avoids the topic every time you are bringing it up, then most likely you do not fit into his future plans. This type of relationship never works out.
It is never easy to walk away from someone whom you hold so dear to your heart, but when you know that there is no future in this relationship, then why drag it for a long time. Eventually, you will drift apart, so it’s better that you do it before getting too involved emotionally.

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