5 Types of Narcissists Empaths Should Avoid Like the Plague

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Empaths are people who care far too deeply for their own good. If they do not know how to control their gift they will be taken advantage of time and time again.
For the most part, narcissists will target the less informed empath, the ones who are not quite able to ground themselves just yet. That being said, while there are tons of different kinds of narcissists, the kinds listed below are the ones who empaths seem to attract the most. If you are an empath you need to learn how to protect yourself from these narcissists and how to figure out who they are as quickly as possible.
5 Types of Narcissists Empaths Should Avoid Like the Plague
5 Kinds of Narcissists Empaths Attract:
1. The Smooth Talking Narcissist
This kind of narcissist will weasel his or her way into your life promising you all kinds of wonderful things. Once he or she has you in his grasp the draining will begin. They will slowly begin showing signs of insincerity and eventually leave you with nothing. For the empath, they will come across as perfect with the will to improve but they are not quite what they seem.
2. The Elitist Narcissist
This narcissist wants nothing more than to gain status through you. They will only pay attention to people who can help them get to the top. Once they make it to the top they will kick you off the edge. This kind of narcissist will devalue you more-so than the rest.
3. The Romantic Narcissist
This narcissist is a lot similar to the sweet talker but still different. He or she will make you fall head over heels in love and make you give and give and give until you have nothing left of yourself. You will always feel guilty when you are not spending every waking moment with this narcissist.
4. The Angry Narcissist
This narcissist will become angry out of nowhere, not at first, but in time. Once his or her true colors begin to come through you will notice how volatile he or she is. Run, run, RUN.
5. The Control Freak Narcissist
This narcissist will ease his or her way in and slowly control small aspects of your life. Once they get comfy they will push more and more to the point where you cannot even pick out the clothes you wear. Is that what you want in life?
These kinds of people will only bring you down. They should have no place in anyone’s lives, especially not an empaths. If you are in a relationship already with a narcissist please, get out. Check out the videos below for more information and to learn about how to spot a narcissist. You should always do what you can to be prepared, there are tons of ill-intending people in this world.

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