5 Steps to Cleanse Your Sexual Aura, And Why It’s Important

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People are extremely energetic creatures and we tend to leave a trace of us wherever we go. Energy likes to stick around sometimes, even if it is unwanted.
People carry massive amounts of energy with them wherever they go, and I do mean wherever they go. People tend to leave energy that seems like it lingers and it can cause a negative effect on your own energy. You might have heard the old tale that whenever you sleep with someone you are also sleeping with everyone they have slept with; and it seems to be true, even in terms of energy. We have a sexual aura and it requires attention just like any other form of energy we manifest. Humans carry energy in multiple different forms,and one of them is our intimate energy.
Sleeping with positive people whom you have a good connection with can fill you with positive energy, but the same goes for negative people. Having sex with negative people can ultimately destroy your own personal energy. It can make you feel depressed, negative, and a lost sense of self. It is extremely important to clear your sexual aura of negative energy. Here’s how to do it.
Aura Meditation
Meditation is one of the most effective holistic approaches you can have on basically any health issue. It can promote physical health and it can even cleanse you of negative energy. Meditation allows us to align ourselves with the frequencies of the universe, clearing us of all negativity. Meditate on your aura, energy channels, and chakras.
Aura Healing
There are many professional healers that deal specifically with a negative aura or negative aural energies. Seek a healer to guide you along a path of positive energy. You can even use acupuncture, acupressure, essential oils, guided meditation, and Reiki.
Get an Aura Reading
You can have your aura read by a professional. This will enable you to take note of the energetic state you are in. You can’t really repair something until you take note that it is broken. You also need to be aware of the aspects of yourself you need to work on. An aural reading can be extremely helpful with this.
Accept your Emotions
Another effective method to properly cleanse your aura is accepting your own emotions. You need to come to terms with the way that you feel and what makes you feel that way. Even though we have negative emotions you can never move past them until you acknowledge their existence.
Don’t Sleep with Negative People
Negative people can have an all around terrible effect on you. You should always refrain from even being around negative people, and you should never let yourself sleep with one.  Humans always leave a trace of their energy on you, especially during sex. This is why you should only become intimate with positive people – because they don’t leave negative traces of themselves behind.

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