5 Major Reasons Why Strong Persons Let Karma Do The Dirty Work

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“Discover what you’re good at and start helping other people with that; give it away Karma works because people are very consistent. In a sufficiently long period of time, you will attract what you project “- Naval Ravikant

If you are like most people, you have probably been wrong at some time in your life. A friend or an ex-lover caused you much pain and disappointment. Most people would feel the need to take revenge on the person who hurt them or who somehow did them wrong.

However, a better option is to let the karma do all the work. Karma is an intense force in the universe, and strong people let karma do the dirty work for them. Because the people who let it appear will always receive their karmic retribution. But why would someone so strong simply not do anything?

There are five crucial reasons why you should let karma avenge you…

While many people out there think they will find great relief by personally getting revenge on someone who has done them wrong, people with inner strength know that it is much better to let karma do the.

Here are the five major reasons why:

1.It provides much greater satisfaction to watch karma take care of it.

You may feel good at the moment, or just before…but revenge will not make you feel so good. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the entire world blind.” And it’s true. According to the author and director/owner of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center, Karyn Hall: “Investigators and theorists believe that revenge is a way to establish justice and that the threat of revenge can serve as a form of protection, a kind of imposition of the social cooperation “.

For a brief moment, you will feel better, but that will not stop or erase what has happened to you. In fact, strong people often feel more deeply than others. And revenge can only trigger the sympathy or empathy of a strong person for the person against whom he has avenged himself. And that will only make you feel worse. So, in the end, seeking revenge against someone is not worth it. Better to let karma do all the work.

2.When karma takes care of the problem, your hands remain clean.

If your partner cheated on you, it’s tempting to apply Carrie Underwood treatment and give him the key to her car. Sure, you’ll feel great, but … Carrie Underwood’s song does not speak of the tangible consequences of letting your emotions seek revenge for you.

There’s no reason to get your hands dirty. Karma will make sure that your ex’s car ends up with a flat tire on the way to failure in an extremely important job interview or meeting. Do not get into trouble and let karma do the rest for you.

3.You know you cannot face everyone.

If we tried to take revenge on any person who has ever harmed us, we would be spending more time avenging ourselves than moving on with our lives. And that’s not good. “Revenge is the desire to get revenge when someone hurts you. It’s natural to feel angry … However, revenge reduces you to your worst self, puts you on the same level as those spiteful people we claim to hate,”says Judith Orloff, author of The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.

A strong person knows when to get away, even if at first it is frustrating. However, a strong person also knows that karma will return to whoever has done them wrong. Moving forward and healing from a bad situation is always the best option than trying to take revenge on another person. After all, karma does not have a time limit. Karma will follow the list of people who have hurt you – one by one.

4.Karma comes back to you too

Maybe you do not want to get revenge on someone who has hurt you because karma … will come back and bite your ass too! Strong people know it. They know that even if the other person deserves it, it is not worth the karma to come for them as well. Even if it is tempting to seek revenge against them, it is not worth putting that bad energy into the universe. This force in the universe is incredibly powerful. There is no need to enter the bad side of karma. Raise your head and move away.

5.The best way to get even with someone is living very well.

17th century English poet and orator George Herbert said it best: “Living well is the best revenge.”

George Herbert couldn’thave been any moreright than this. The best possible way to get back atall the people in your life that have done you wrong, is to live your life the best way you possibly can. Maybe your wrongdoers were tougher than you were in the past, but it is NOW that those who have wronged you before,will be envious of your success and their inability to share in it.

You know how they say – “Karma is a beautiful thing.”

Final thoughts

Some people are not great believers in karma, and that’s fine. Even if you do not believe that karma will come and catch the people who hurt you, it is still a good practice to keep your head up and concentrate on succeeding instead of trying to get revenge. You will not be able to control what another person does, but you will always be able to control yourself. There is no better revenge than to be successful in front of the people who wanted you to fail.

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