The 4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Highly Empathic

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An empathic person, by definition, is someone who has the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Sometimes that means you cry when people around you are sad, or when you watch a sad movie. Sometimes it means you get angry when you see people are treated unfairly.
There is a wide range of emotions one might feel when around other people, purely because you’re synced to the emotions of others.
Of course, Cancer is the perfect sign to start with. Cancer is the mother, the healer and the group unconscious. Cancers are also extremely sensitive. They don’t always understand their own feelings, and because they are empathetic they also take on the feelings of others. That’s a lot of feelings to muddle through.

So of course, Cancers need special quiet time to go off by themselves and figure it all out. Once they do however, they come back out of their shell to feel another day. They may seem like a lot of effort at times, but rest assured that Cancers are precious and as true blue as they come. One of the reasons why they make the best healers.
Pisces are extraordinarily empathetic and can take on the feelings of everyone around them. And they don’t do well in harsh environments either. Keep in mind, harsh is a relative term because of their inability to know where they end and another begins. So even just a harsh word to someone else can drive them to despondency.
To a Pisces who is not aware of their empathetic nature, life can be one huge ball of pain, emotional, mental, or physical. They are often labeled hypochondriacs. Which is not really true. Often they are just trying to figure out why they feel the way they do. This is why Pisces is often associated with drug and alcohol abuse. They use them mostly to escape the pain of being incarnate. If they can find better ways of coping, they will truly flourish in life.
Taurus has a lot of empathy for people, and for this reason they tend to over-react sometimes. Maybe it’s because they are such great parental types, but they will take on a warrior-like approach to defending people who they feel are being mistreated. Especially when it comes to their kin. You do not want to upset the loved ones of a Taurus, believe me.
It’s not easy, but with time Taurus can learn to control their emotions. They just have to take a step back for a moment. Take a breather outside. Have a little snack of something. Get your mind off the situation, then approach it again once you’ve had time for some introspection. That way you won’t act so rashly all the time. And try to remember, you don’t have to fight in every battle you see either.
Of course Libra’s are natural empaths. Any good judge of character has to be able to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. Libra’s can do that naturally. But, a powerful gift such as Empath definitely weighs down on you and it can get quite exhausting. This is probably why Libra’s tend to treasure what little alone time they can get.
This is especially true where they work. A disharmonious work environment can make Libra literally sick, absorbing office squabbles into their sensitive hearts. If this happens they need to distance themselves as much as possible from the drama, as it will only eat away at them more and more. Being part of a copacetic, organized, team at work is best for Libra, so they can concentrate on their end of things and not have to worry too much about organization or difficult tasks beyond their abilities.

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