15 Key Signs That Your Soul Is Going Through A Spiritual Death (And Rebirth)

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“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch

Small parts of our souls get chipped away the more we forsake or go against our intuition and desires. The more we try to please others instead of following our hearts, the more our soul starts to lose its vigor. Soul deaths happen anytime we face a traumatic experience or lose sight of our true nature. Fortunately, many people have begun to awaken their souls, and have initialized a process known as “soul rebirth.”

Throughout life, our true spirit is stained under the heavy weight of stress, obligations, responsibility, circumstance, worry, loss, grief, and all the other things we deal with as humans. The time we spend enduring hardship after hardship takes its toll on our spirit within, which causes our souls to become fragmented and disoriented.

However, you can retrieve your souls through rejecting everything that doesn’t align with us, following our hearts, and treating ourselves with understanding, compassion, and love. If you feel a little adrift in life lately, and suspect that your soul is trying to send you a warning, read on to find out if you’re possibly experiencing a soul death and rebirth.

Here are 15 signs that you are in the process of spiritual death (and soul rebirth):

1.You cannot recall certain parts of your early life. 

Maybe you have blocked out certain past memories in order to protect your soul from suffering. It is possible that your mind had chosen to forget some traumatic experiences so that you can move on without pain or grief. However, truly moving on might mean revisiting these old memories and accepting them. Visiting a psychologist or therapist if you need counseling to get over those painful memories. If you recognize yourself in this, you might be another person going through a soul death.

2.You deal with depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems. 

Of course, mental health is a very complex subject, but going through times of depression or anxiety could mean that your soul is in the process of rebirth. During this process, you are trying to shed your old skin and fully accept the new, better version of yourself. Naturally, this process doesn’t just happen overnight, and it certainly can produce uncomfortable feelings. Just remember to relax and acknowledge what’s happening to you. You will be fine in no time.

3.You don’t feel “complete.” 

There are parts of yourself that feel broken or incomplete as if you cannot fully perceive the reality around you. Your perception of the world and yourself is fragmented, and you feel that certain spiritual parts of your Self are scattered somewhere that you haven’t reached yet. If you feel that pieces of your soul are lacking, you might be dealing with a spiritual death.

4.You feel indifferent to everything around you. 

Everything around you looks so bleak and pointless. You try to feel excitement for things and do your best to fit in, but you can never seem to feel right about how this world works. So, you try to shut down emotionally instead, finding it to be easier than showing false emotions.

5.You have trouble getting a good night sleep. 

Oftentimes when you go through soul death, your subconscious is trying its best to sort out the shift you are passing through. For example, if you quit your soul-draining job to pursue your passion in life and start your own business, you will probably have several sleepless nights as your soul tries to catch up with your latest decision.

6.Something makes you feel stuck in life. 

Many times when you go through a soul rebirth, you may feel as if you’re trapped, like you’re living the same day over and over and still not making any progress. Feeling this way simply means you need to change your direction a little bit, and truly listen to what your soul needs. Most of us get this feeling in life now and then, but remember; you are not stuck in one place, and you can always get up and move toward something better for you. It is your one decision away from an entirely new life for you.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

7.A traumatic experience leaves you feeling not yourself. 

If you just had a bad relationship breakup, exhausting divorce, loss of a loved one, or near-death experience, you may feel completely different afterwards. Whenever a person goes through a traumatic event, a small piece of their soul is taken away, and this is a sign that person is experiencing a ‘spiritual death.’

8.You feel that you’re not living your life up to your expectations. 

If you feel disappointed with your life, this means your soul is longing for something better, but you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet. Craving for something more in life often indicates a spiritual death, because you want to strive for more than life has currently given you.

9.You feel pulled in multiple different directions. 

If you feel like life is trying to push you in different directions, you might be experiencing a soul rebirth. In this point of your life, you became aware that you carry limitless potential in you, and you no longer want to waste it. However, you cannot figure out which direction you want to take because you see yourself succeeding and thriving in various fields.

10.You use alcohol or drugs to escape from reality. 

A part of the soul death and rebirth process may be reaching out for some outlet to escape into or something to hold onto. Many people who drink or use narcotics are probably not aware that their soul is crying out for full attention, and their Higher Self is in need of your love.

11.You start second-guessing everything you thought you knew. 

If you find that you are suddenly questioning your core beliefs, lifestyle, and everything about your life in general, your soul might need a new direction. Oftentimes, going through a soul death transit means leaving behind the old stagnant beliefs and seeing things from a more open-minded perspective.

12.You long to find a true purpose in your life. 

We all search for a deeper meaning in life, but a spiritual death usually enhances that urge a little harder. You might feel completely dissatisfied with your current lifestyle and yearn for one where you can wake up in the morning with excitement, knowing that the new day promises adventure, thrill, meaning, and fulfillment.

If you feel this way, make sure you listen to your intuition and don’t criticize yourself. The only way to the full awakening of your true self is to leave behind all that no longer serves you so you can step into your most authentic being.

13.You feel like you have lost control over your life. 

Even if you feel that you’ve found your true purpose, you might feel powerless to change your surroundings and circumstances. You might not have a clear idea which direction to take or how to fulfill your dreams. At this moment, you feel unable to change your life, even though you want nothing else in the world but to do so.

14.You feel that there’s no place where you belong. 

You need to belong somewhere, but unfortunately still haven’t found where you belong. In times of soul death, we start to feel fragile, emotionally vulnerable and rather lost, so we look for safety and comfort. Feeling this way requires us to take a long good look at our inner selves in order to discover what we want the most, and find the courage to pursue it. Once you follow your desires, your soul will emerge into the light again with fresh new energy, and you will feel part of something greater.

15.You constantly feel exhausted. 

And this is not just a physical exhaustion, but a mental too. You cannot clearly define what’s causing it, but you simply know that your soul feels very tired, and no amount of sleep can solve it. The constant drain of daily routine is starting to overwhelm you, and your soul desperately needs a way out.

Concluding words

Everyone goes through many spiritual deaths and rebirths throughout their lives whether they realize it or not. Changing lives, cities, and jobs, are all forms of spiritual death and rebirth, as you leave behind something that no longer works for you and embrace something new that you hope will bring you closer to the real, whole you.

To conclude our article, we advise you to remember this: life is too short to be lived unhappy, so if your soul needs a time for rejuvenating, please follow your heart and do what it longs for. You might lose old parts of yourself in the process, but you will discover new amazing parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

Transformation is often more about unlearning than learning.” – Richard Rohr

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