15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

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Often of the most serious mental illnesses is depression and can often go unnoticed for years. People who are dealing with concealed depression are all on their own fighting with their own mind. They often keep this problem to themselves with the intent not to bother the ones around them.
Not every person is open about their true feelings and about certain severe situations which have made a negative impact on their living. They try to fix this issue on their own.
Here are some habits that are noticed among the people suffering from concealed depression:

They are often quite talented and expressive
This situation often happens among famous people who suffer from it, have a heightened outburst of emotions. This happens to be the source of their greatness. They have the need to let go of the darkness by presenting something extraordinary to the world.
They tend to search for purpose
That is the ultimate goal in life. People suffering from hidden depression search for the magnificence of life, the true meaning of their existence. They often feel inadequate and anxious which they are constantly searching for something better than they already have.
Sometimes they make silent cries for help
We all need help at some point. When it is not expected of someone to feel the need for help, we can’t really recognize their urge. If you feel like you could help someone, just do it. The feeling of trust that you put in them Is a stepping stone in their life.
They interpret substances differently
People dealing with depression know what their situation is all about and are sure to find a way to ease the pain. Substances like caffeine, sugar and even pills can improve their mood for a certain period. It is not easy for them, they have to fight against all of that and try to get the best out of the situation.
They often have a very involved perception of life and death
They are aware of their mortality and are eager to find the deepest meaning of their life. They imagine different situations and fall in despair after it. Some of them are even suicidal.
They have strange eating habits
They go from food strikes to eating at their worst moments. Most of them eat a lot more at their worst, It depends on the individual.
They have abnormal sleeping habits
They would sleep for what seems to be days long period. Often, that is the only remedy for their soul and they imagine that by sleeping their hopeless situation would be stable for a while.
They usually have abandonment issues
Most of us have been there. When someone walks out of your life it can be devastating but can also heighten the level of depression you are dealing with. These factors cause the depressed person to be even more closed than before and he fears of being abandoned by his close ones.
They make up “cover-up” stories
These people usually have excuses just about any changes in their behavior. They show up late, miss a meeting, forget to call you…They are masters at giving you “a good reason” why did that happen.
They might have habitual remedies
They often endure hobbies, like walking, running, playing an instrument etc. A change in the routine may help them ease the pain.
They are always trying to look happy
They simply learn how to fake moods. They look happy and normal on the outside but they are like a volcano of bad feelings and self-pity ready to explode at any time.
They seek love and acceptance
They don’t hide their feelings because they want to, they just don’t want to lose the love and admiration others have for them. All they seek for is acceptance.
They have trouble shutting off their brains
They analyze and go through everything, good and bad, in order to explain the situation to themselves. Their brains simply explore everything that happens around them and whether it has an impact on them directly.
They hurt when other people hurt
If they see another going through rough times they get to their worst mood. This turns on the pain they are experiencing.
They always think of the worst-case scenarios
Even if this is bad, it can sometimes have a positive outcome. This refers to them as highly intelligent and that they can respond to every given situation. Usually, they are good problem solvers.
If you have noticed some signs of you or a person you know, be sure to offer assistance and consolation. They are struggling, it is not easy and they have to figure out that the world is a great place- a great place waiting for them to blossom. They are not a burden, show love and respect and always help.

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