14 Signs The Law of Attraction Is Indeed Doing Its Wonders For You

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The Law of Attraction is something you have probably already heard of by now, and for those of you who still haven’t, it is pretty simple. The Law of Attraction is merely the ability that all humans have to attract into their lives whatever they focus their attention on.

When you are using the Law of Attraction properly there will be signs appearing in your daily life. Most people don’t even notice these signs so it’s essential that you are aware of them. If you notice the things listed below happening to you, you are on the right track, so keep at it.

Here are 14 signs the Law of Attraction is actually working for you:

1. You feel much calmer.

Your mind is no longer full of sporadic, thoughts that wander off chaotically. Now, you are doing the things the Universe wants you to do, and because of that, your vibration is gradually matching that of the Universe itself. As the result, a strong sense of calmness follows you wherever you are.

2. You experience Déjà vu.

Have you ever experienced something that you are almost 100% sure you had already done before? This experience is known as Déjà vu. If Déjà vu keeps happening more and more often in your life you are exactly where you need to be.

3. Unexplainable chills or goosebumps occur to you.

This is a message your subconscious is sending you. This sign shows that your journey is nearing a certain change. This change is a positive one, but one that your subconscious is trying to prepare you by sending you hints.

4. You keep seeing the number ‘1’ (most often in the form of 11:11).

Repeating numbers often mean that the Universe is working quite well for you. If you’re noticing a specific pattern of numbers you can read into numerology to learn exactly what you’re being told. Seeing each number has a different meaning and you need to find out what that meaning is.

5. Synchronicities are taking place more rapidly.

You think of someone and then receive a text message from that person or a sudden call on the phone. This is a usual case of synchronicity. Know that the Universe hears your thoughts, and provides for you what it is you wish and need on your journey.

6.Your initials seem to be appearing everywhere.

You notice your initials in signs, patterns of water, and many other common places. This is another sign of the Universe letting you know that you have developed a very strong and meaningful relation with it. Your connection is being made known. Congratulation on your progress!

7.You start noticing more rainbows.

For those of you who are not familiar with this, rainbows are often revered as a sign of clarity. If you are noticing rainbows frequently, this is a positive sign, telling you are making good progress in life.

8.You are more open to changes.

Change is no longer as frightening as it was before. You are more ready to embrace it, regardless of the outcome. This is a very good sign! Remember – there are no bad changes, the only bad thing is no change at all.

9.Your overall mood is more cheerful.

You feel much happier now, and things are really starting to look up for you. It is as if a huge burden has been lifted off of your shoulders and you can finally start living at full speed ahead.

10.You sleep much better.

Now that you have full belief in the Universe, you can sleep without worrying anymore. You are able to sleep through the whole night and wake without feeling any pain. A certain hunch deep inside tells you that everything is so much better now. Good for you!

11.You’re more focused on the present moment.

You are no longer stuck with regrets about the past or worrying anxiously over the future; the present is where you dwell now. You have come to understand the paramount importance of this very moment.

12.You feel a deep sense of inner peace.

You are now at a point in your life where peace is continuously residing deep within your being. You no longer let yourself to be overwhelmed with constant (and unnecessary) worry. You know the Universe will provide everything you need if you only do as you should.

13.You sense your intuition heightened.

Somehow, you sense things other people could never even imagine. As things progress your intuition is only going to increase. Things in your life are becoming much clearer now, to say the least.

14.Good things seem to be happening more often.

Your life just seems so much better now. Everything positive is taking place, and you feel like there’s not a thing that could go wrong. Be sure to stay on this path, as more good things will come. Having said that, there will still be rough patches but rest assure the Universe always sends you only the things you can surely handle with success.

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