13 Signs that You Were Destined to be a Shaman

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Many people who fall under the shamanic archetype may fall into positions of modern day healers without ever realizing their full potential.  Just because you were born outside of the indigenous villages does not mean you can’t be a ‘shaman.’

 Shamanism, for those who do not know, is on a basic level a collection of techniques that help awaken and expand consciousness. With that being said, Shamans are quite thought provoking and do not pursue meaning. These people are able to truly tap into an invisible realm with or without knowing that allows them to guide others.

Shamans are amazing healers, and they can bring great benefits to you on the outside and on the inside. These people are wise beyond their years and can come off as a bit odd. Does that sound like you? If the following signs are happening in your life you may very well need to look into shamanic practices of some sort to better your life in general.

12 Signs You Are Being Called to Be a Shaman:

1. You have a strong connection with Nature.

You are deeply woven into the web of life. When you are in Nature you feel at peace. It seems you fit in better there than anywhere else.

2. You feel as if you need to help others.

You are always doing good for those in your life. You do not overlook anyone and will always do your part. This is something that gets you taken advantage of far too often.

3. You have vivid dreams.

Your dreams are so realistic that you almost have trouble telling them from reality. This is because you were born with a natural ability to travel between realms. You do this when you are sleeping.

4. You can read people.

No one can get things past you. If someone has bad intentions you can tell right off the bat. That being said you can also tell when something is wrong with someone and are quick to figure out what the problem is.

5. You enjoy spending time alone.

You don’t fit in well with others so this makes you a bit more introverted. You are sometimes called ‘weird’ but that is because no one really understands you. You are respected but still misunderstood.

6. You are very sensitive.

You often feel things that other people do not feel. This makes it hard for you to be out in public most of the time. While this sensitivity can be a bit of a headache it is important.

7. You feel as if you don’t really belong anywhere.

You have never truly found a place where you fit in. The world doesn’t seem to accept you in the ways that you want it to and you find it to be hard to understand. Your role is still important though and you should never ignore your gifts.

8. You feel as if you are meant to participate in the global shift of consciousness that is well underway.

You feel the shift coming and are well aware of it. You are being drawn towards more leadership positions and are working to transform your human consciousness. You know where you need to be in this life.

9. You experience ‘spiritual powers.’

This could be anything from being able to communicate well with animals to being a full on psychic. That being said you do not have to experience these powers to be a shaman.

10. Growing up you felt closer to animals than you did people.

Animals have always been a passion of yours and you love them. When you are frustrated or upset your pets are always there for you. Animals seem to take a special kind of liking to you.

11. The sound of drumming brings you a great sense of calm.

Shamans traditionally used drums to help them channel other spirits. This is something that carries over even now. You may even have a passion for drumming in general.

12. You feel as if you were meant for more.

You feel like you were meant to do something great with your life but all the while don’t search for purpose. You know what it is you are meant to do and that is ‘help.’ Helping others is your purpose and whether you are aware of your shamanic roots or not you will remain true to that.

13. Your Intuition is Off the Charts

While most people may struggle with their intuitions or gut feelings, you know to trust yours as it has never failed you.

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