11 Must-Read Spiritual Books That Will Change You Forever

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It’s really ridiculous to try and take all the spiritual books across time and create a single list recommending just 11 of them, but today, that is exactly what I’m going to do. At least, it can get you started.
Pay attention. If this is the second — or even third (or more!) time one of these books has shown up in your life, maybe it’s a sign that it’s time for you to read it.
Note: The following list is numbered for convenience, but is not in hierarchical order.

11 Spiritual Books You Simply Must Read
Feel free also to add YOUR favorites in the comments sections below. Thanks!
1. A Course In Miracles
— you can’t just read it, it’s a course. You have to do it. And when you do, it will change your life.
2. Dying to Be Me — Anita Moorjani — A first person account of one of the most amazing (and documented) near death experiences including a miraculous recovery from fatal illness.
3. Conversations with God (the Series) — Neale Donald Walsch — If you want your God to have a super friendly, supportive voice, read all the books in this series. You won’t be able to get Neale’s jovial God out of your head (and that’s a good thing).
4. The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance and Dreams — Debbie Ford — The definitive book about shadow. Don’t just read it, do it, especially if you feel that you sometimes behave in ways you don’t understand (which is just your shadow acting out). If you dive in fully, this book will re-integrate you into splendid wholeness.
5. The Nature of Personal Reality — A Seth book by Jane Roberts — When it came out in the 70s, this book was way ahead of it’s time, because it’s basically about the Law of Attraction and how we each create our own reality. If you’re ready to take delicious responsibility for your life, read it and start creating more consciously.
6. The Handbook for Higher Consciousness — Ken Keyes Jr. — Written in the mid-70s, this book is a beautiful, systematic guide for working with your different levels of consciousness. It relates to the chakras.
7. Spiritual Growth — Sanaya Roman — Another 70s book (authored by the entity Orin) about how to be your Higher Self. This one contains lots of great meditations.
8. The 7 Ahas of Highly Enlightened Souls — Mike George — a small, extremely insightful guidebook that will change the way you think about stress and bring more peace, personal power and centeredness into your life.
9. The Power of Now — Eckhart Tolle — Many people say they bought this book way before they were ready to read it. I know I did. Buy it, put it on your shelf, and watch it jump out at you when it’s ripe and ready.
10. I Had It All The Time — Alan Cohen — Alan writes in a playful, fun way, but his lessons are powerful and eternal. This book will help you realize you don’t need anything outside yourself. Everything you’re looking for is within you and in the process of emerging.
11) Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life — Byron Katie — You can’t turn off your thoughts, but you can lovingly question them and watch them transform and become more aligned with life (which always feels good) . Byron Katie shows you how to do what she calls “The Work,” and what results is a miraculously peaceful heart and mind.
What are your favorite spiritual books? Which ones really changed your life? Please share in the comment section below. Thanks, love and blessings.

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