10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Have An Alpha Personality

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We are all aware of what the term “alpha” means in regards to an individual’s mannerism. However, people often don’t understand how our actions resound with our “alpha” personalities.

Do you indeed consider yourself to be an ‘alpha?’ If so, then check out these common factors that people don’t realize you are doing because you’re an alpha.
1.You’re Blunt, Even If It Hurts Someone’s Feelings
While the majority of others like to sugar coat things, you prefer to tell it how it is. Of course, some people don’t take so kindly to this, but you don’t care too much about that. You are real, and sometimes, the truth hurts, but equally, people need to hear it.
2.You Do What You Say, Whilst Expecting the Same From Others
Your word means a great deal to you, and because of that, when you say you’re going to do something, you tend to do it. And if someone tells you they are going to do something, you expect them to do it.
3.Less Talk, More Action
Rather than sitting around and chatting about things, you prefer to just get on with it. In your eyes, talking about doing something is a waste of time. Instead, you’d rather just get it done and save your time and energy just chewing the fat. This is an integral part of what makes you “you”.
4.You Like Alone Time
In fact, you treasure it more than most things in life. You have an independence unlike anybody else, and you enjoy having some time to unwind, away from large social situations and the madding crowds alike. However, social time is always good and is still important to you nonetheless.
5.You Don’t Let People Push You Around
You can easily pick up on the feeling when someone else is trying to push you around, and you generally won’t let it happen. While some people may misconstrue this as you being aggressive, you are only trying to stand up for yourself.
6.You Have Very Strong Beliefs
If you believe in something, you’re not too flippant or quick to change your mind and can appear to be stubborn about it. However, this isn’t such a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination. More often than not, this means that you stick to your guns and stand up for what you believe in. Good on you!
7.You Always Do What You Love
Pointless activities bear little to no meaning in your life. Instead of wasting your time, you fill it with a wealth of activities that you enjoy and love to do.
8.You Don’t Care What Others Think Or Say About You
Impressing others is not something you worry about too much. On the contrary, you pretty much do what makes you happy, and if others don’t like it, it doesn’t seem to bother you too much anyway.

  1. You May Come Off As Bossy, But You’re Not

While some people may see you as being a bossy person, you don’t mean to boss others around, and this is a huge misconception. Instead, you have a certain way of doing things, and sometimes, you naturally take the lead in most tasks.

  1. You Are a Hard Worker

As an alpha, you put all the effort you have into every task you endeavor to complete. This includes work, where you flourish due to your intensely productive mentality.
So, if you have figured out that you may be an alpha after reading this, learn to embrace it and love who you are as a result. The world thrives on the varying traits of different personalities…the world needs your qualities just as much as everyone else’s.

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