10 Signs You’re Finally In Love With The Right One For You

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Einstein once said it well: “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”

Being truly in love is one of the greatest blessings life has to offer you. There is a good reason why that unique (often unnoticeable) someone is called a soulmate: because this person truly makes you complete in this area.

Those of you who are fortunate enough to be in love fully understand both the excitement and the responsibility of this magnificent experience. Many of us, at some point in our lives, went through a period of questioning wherein we contemplated how we feel about love.

Contemplation and questioning are both natural processes, so you don’t have to worry when you feel the need for them. Love is a major thing in life. It is equally exciting, rewarding, and frightening.

We all give subjective meaning to the word love, but we can say with certainty that anyone who’s been in love knows it’s undoubtedly the best feeling ever!

While the very attempt to number and define specific “signs” of love is ambitious (or perhaps impossible?) task, we nonetheless believe this effort to be worthwhile.

The following ten signs may offer you some words of comfort, reassurance, and gratitude in your current relationship. We honestly hope that these words will bring about some of these stirring feelings.

These ten signs show that you are truly in love with the right person for you:

1.This person is the best part of your day

No matter how good or bad your day was, your special someone has an incredible way of making it better. There is something quite remarkable about your beloved in that their mere presence brings you such inexpressibly deep peace. Indeed, there is something very thrilling about this person too, as your favorite activities such as eating out, movie watching, is a lot more interesting and exciting when your partner partakes.

2.You worry often

Love can be just as much exciting as frightening, remember? Hence, it’s only natural that you worry about your loved one from time to time. You will feel such anxiety in your gut when your partner starts a new job, leaves for a trip, or embarks on a new life path. Carrying deeply about them, you will feel certain apprehension about their health and overall safety too.

3.You’re always touching your SO

It doesn’t matter if you two are seen on the JumboTron – you will happily display your mutual affection by touching, kissing, and hugging each other. Even those among you who are non-touchy-feely types will often find themselves holding fondly whatever belonging to their partner happens to be available to touch.

4.Their pain is your pain as well

That’s right: the whole thing about keeping your pain to yourself goes out the window the moment you’re in love with someone. That’s the whole thing about empathy. It’s impossible to be happy when the one you love so much is in pain.

Love and pain are oftentimes inseparable. And you’ll admit it’s the most beautiful (even though, heart-rending) type of pain, too.

5.You’re ready to stand up for them

“Who dared say/do that to you?!” This is a thought you will find coming instantaneously in your mind whenever someone endangers your loved one.

While we pride ourselves on being pacifists here, we’re sure there has been a time when you were ready to beat the hell out of someone (even a group of bullies) who hurt your darling.

Note: it’s the worst feeling ever when you go after the wrong person. Not to mention, it’s also incredibly embarrassing.

As for that…

6.You’re protective of your partner

Listen, if you are that calmed girl or guy who lets everything simply “be,” even with your sweetheart, count yourself lucky.

It’s something innate in each of us to protect the ones we care for. Men in love especially are overprotective when it comes to their woman. Still, there is a thin line, between being protective and overbearing – so don’t cross it! First of all, you need to be a gentleman.

7.You’re not embarrassed to show your gross habits

There is not really a graceful way to put this, so we won’t even try. You’ll bite your nails, burp, fart, and demonstrate sub-optimal hygiene in front of your soulmate. And guess what? You’ll feel perfectly fine doing all this in front of them. Their acceptance of who you are will assure you to continue being spontaneous.

In other words, all your little peculiarities appear on the surface. Given that these imperfections are not deliberate nor malicious, they can be part of what makes you special in your loved one’s eyes.

8.You think about your future with this person

Okay, so thinking about the future is rather obvious – but still very important for every meaningful relationship. It’s only natural that, after a period of time spent with somebody you’re in love with, some consideration is given to what awaits you both in the future. Maybe this includes having a cozy house, having kids, or improving yourself in overall when it’s time to settle down.

9.You want to become a better you

The main protagonist of the movie As Good As It Gets is Melvin Udall, brilliantly portrayed by Jack Nicholson. Now Melvin is one cold, misanthropic recluse with OCD who manages to insult cynically just about everyone he meets.

After insulting the woman of his dreams, who then promptly demands he give her a compliment instead of leaving, Melvin tells her completely sincere: “You make me want to be a better man.”

While the hapless Melvin almost messes things up again, this unforgettable scene epitomizes the life-changing power only love has.

10.And of course, you feel on top of the world because of this person

Still, let’s not get too carried away here. Surely, you’re going to have some good and bad days; the bad ones sometimes exceeding the good ones. Nevertheless, after things have quietened down, and your beloved is at your side, you’re once again back on top of that high mountain.

And it’s once again the most glorious sight you’ve ever witnessed in your life.

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